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FREE* Horse clip art graphics for your personal and non-profit sites

horse clipart - Steps Through Time rearing horse clip art - Reaching for the Stars rearing horse clip art - Playful Arabians Percheron draft horse clip art

horse trotting clip art - Gate Racer

*Shareware – the horse clip art is FREE only when you give me a text link back to my site – when you post the image on your personal or non-profit website or in your HTML email stationery. Get linking information at bottom of page.

Arabian horse clip art - Palace Prince

If you have any problems downloading the horse clip art graphics… Don’t panic!! Contact Me and I will be glad to assist you, but first read the easy downloading instructions at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Arabian horse clip art - Palace Prince horse head clip art - My Heart Arabian horse head clip art - Elegant Arab Dressage horse trotting clip art
cutting   horse clip art cutting horse clip art cutting horse clip art

Visit my Horse Logos website for more horse clip art graphics . Some of the horse graphics on this page are there in different sizes, colors, and in web and print quality at very reasonable prices. If you need any of the horse clip art images customized – made a different size, color, or facing a different direction, Contact Me for a price quote.

horse clip art

Instructions for Downloading the clipart images:

Right Click to Download The Horse Clip Art Files


Click on the horse clipart of your choice with your RIGHT mouse button and you will see a menu with some chooses.

In Internet Explorer choose “Save Picture As…” In the Firefox choose, “Save Image As…” and click on it and then a download screen will appear

You should save the clip art horse art image files to your “Desktop” or “Pictures” folder so you can easily find the images again.

Once you have downloaded the horse clipart image, go to where you saved it and you can open and view the image by double clicking the file. FTP the image to your website or use it in your HTML email stationery.

TIP: Image details: like file size, image size, and image name can be found by right-clicking on the saved image and then clicking on “Properties.”

Horse Clip Art Link Back

Put this text in your page: Free Horse Clip Art. Then link that text to my website at:

Please do an Internet search if you need to learn how to add HTML coding for links to your web page.

The text link will look something like this… Free Horse Clip Art

Like to see a special horse clip art graphic on this site. Leave me a comment with your suggestions!


  1. Can any one here make pegasus and unipegs and unircorns for me for free because i need some for my website.

  2. I’ve been featuring your free horse clipart on my website for horsecrazygirls for a couple of years now. Keep up the great work!

  3. I work for Miguelito Elementary School PTA and was needing some mustang/horse graphics for a banner. We are the Miguelito Mustangs. How to I access your free graphics site?

  4. hey great site very helpfull stuff There are millions of people who enjoy cool horse game all the time. They compete against themselves and others trying to enjoy the hours of free time that is available throughout the day. Horses are very popular amongst girls who love to learn to ride them at a young age, Horse Games allow young girls not yet old enough to fully enjoy riding horses a chance to play with these animals.

  5. We are starting a non profit to rescue horses and work with abused children, teen & women. Am interested in seeing what free clip art you offer.

  6. I am the director of Hoofbeats,Heartstrings,and Hopes,Inc.
    therapy riding program. I am trying to get horse clip art
    for our correspondence, advertising events,etc. I also am
    trying to get a website set up for the program. I am not
    computer wise and am looking for help for setting up the website.
    We start back our riding program in April. I know it would help
    to have a website. I never could get the clip art. I pulled it
    up but it said there were errors on the page. I will try again

  7. Thank you so very much for the free pic! I will be using this in our church newsletter that goes out monthly.

  8. I just found your clip art, it’s good and I am an artist too, still trying to learn how to run my computer and learn how to do my art work on it.
    am using a lot of photo shop but would like to know how to do my pen and ink work.

    1. Carrie, there are a lot of places online that have how to articles about working with a computer art pen/table. You can also search for videos on the top video posting sites like youtube for video tutorials. I wish you the best of luck!

  9. Thanks for this site…trying to make our own Homemade Graduation Invites and this page has been very helpful.

  10. how did u get this website design i realy want to know because i need to create a free horsey website for my new horse care service in west sussex

    1. This is a self hosted WordPress site and you can find a ton of free and pay for themes available. See my footer for which WordPress theme I am using. I did add my own custom horse graphics to the theme to fix my site better and make it unique.

  11. hi i have a pony he is called henny evry year 4 my birthday he gets loads of present tooo i luv him ssooooooo much i see him 2 a day <3 <3 <3 <3

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    I think this website is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey! I love the graphics and clipart on this site. It really helps me with the virtual horse site I play on (click my name). Thanks for all the neat stuff!


    1. This website has everything! Horse drawings,movie, paintings clipart and much more I don t have a horse yet,but someday ill have my own we might move soon we just looked at a house with a barn and other horses in the area! by! love jess

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  16. I would love for you to create a Squidoo /lens/ about your free horse clip art and add it to the All Horses group! Really neat stuff here. 🙂

  17. Hi,
    I have a 5,5 years girl and she likes horse riding too.Not just riding,but all about horses.I have made small site,nothing special,about my daughters interest (picnic,ZOO visit,horse riding training…) and made link to your site.I like Clip Arts that you made,they are fantastic.I would like to know if you have one clip art that I can use on my daughter’s site.
    Best regards,
    Eldar Sulejmanovic
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  18. Hi,
    I have a 5,5 years girl and likes horse riding too.Not just riding,but all about horses.I have made small site,nothing special,about my daughters interest (picnic,ZOO visit,horse riding training…) and made link to your site.I like Clip Arts that you made,they are fantastic.I would like to know if you have one clip art that I can use on my daughter’s site.
    Best regards,
    Eldar Sulejmanovic
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  19. My girl is 7 yrs old and so crazy about horses, I got her a riding game for my pc and got here looking for wallpaper for her when she plays. thanks, we`ll be back!

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  21. I love the professional graphics offered on your site. The horse clipart has fantastic quality- keep up the fabulous job!

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