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Whether you are breeding show jumpers or hunters, it is vital to inspire confidence in prospective clients if you want to succeed in the equine industry. For breeders that are based in Texas, a Houston office in a prestigious location could be a very wise business investment. If you are just starting out, you may think that it is not possible to run your business from such a location, owing to the high costs involved. However, this is not necessarily so as the short guide I have written below will demonstrate.

Business Success
Business Success

Making the right impression on a budget

Read the following tips to see how you can secure corporate headquarters that will impress your clients, without spending a fortune in the process

•    Consider sharing space with other companies in the same line of business. Not only are there possible synergistic benefits to such arrangements but you can also secure the use of luxury executive suites at a much lower cost than would be possible when renting a whole block on your own. There are many areas of expertise involved in horse breeding so it can make very good sense to locate your business close to other industry professionals and if you can save money in the process, so much the better.

•    Look at the managed commercial suites on offer. If you think it may be too difficult to put together a consortium of businesses to share an office block in town, and then to find the right sort of premises, it is well worth considering the range of serviced office space that is available for rent in your part of town. The advantage of renting this type of space is that there is no need to look for prospective business partners to share with you as the property management company in question will be responsible for finding other tenants to fill the available suites.

•    Share administrative and support staff. If you decide to rent serviced space, the management company will probably supply the staff that you need but if you are putting together your own group of small businesses to rent an office in town, you might like to consider sharing a receptionist and a team of IT technicians. A small horse breeding operation is unlikely to have the money available to hire a full-time administrative and support team and even if money is not a problem, it could be better spent on employees that will enable your business to expand. A qualified stud groom would be a good investment for a small breeder, rather than a computer expert who would spend most of his or her time waiting for something to go wrong. Furthermore, by sharing your admin staff, you can afford to spend more on premises.

•    Shop around. The commercial property market has become very competitive in recent years so it is well worth shopping around in order to get the best deal possible. If you find a space that is ideal for your firm but is simply too expensive to be practical, have a look at what else is available in the area as you could well find a similar space at a better price.

•    Be prepared to negotiate. Following on from the above point, many property owners and management companies are prepared to adjust their prices in order to attract the right type of tenants these days. If your business might attract other horse breeders to rent space in the same building, it is worth pointing this out to potential landlords. The possibility of extra revenue from rental contracts with other firms may induce them to offer you a better rate than would otherwise be available.


There are many things to consider when setting up a new equine business such as a small breeding operation and a lot of these will be factors such as stabling for stallions and mares, grazing land and other facilities that are directly related to the business of breeding horses. However, it is important to remember that it is loyal clients who will make it possible for you to make a profit in the years to come so providing them with a central location where they can come to discuss business should be high on your list of priorities as well.

Note from Joni: Many equine businesses could benefit from having a centrally located office even if it was shared and used only for a few days out of the week. A place to met with clients and catch up on office work, like connecting with people through social networks, updating your website, and book keeping.

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