Wood Pellets Keep Your Horse in Luxury

Wood pellets are the most eco-friendly, efficient and comfortable way to keep a horse warm and dry in its stable, as when soaked in water, wood pellets create an absorbent, comfortable and firm bedding area. When choosing bedding for your horse, it is important to take many factors into consideration.

Urine absorption is crucial; one kilogram of wood pellets absorbs up to a massive three kilograms of urine (which is more than the commonly used straw), which means that labour costs and material costs are greatly reduced. This factor goes hand in hand with the controlling of ammonia and odours in the stable. Horse urine has a strong and distinctive smell, and the more effectively the bedding can handle this, the happier both horse and owner will be. Ammonia can be a serious risk to a horse’s health, and the bacteria in the horse urine creates this, however wood pellets absorb such a great amount of waste that the control of ammonia and odour is naturally controlled alongside the absorption.

Wood pellets are the ideal horse bedding (http://www.verdorenewables.co.uk/), not only for the horse but for the owner, as wood pellets are simple to use and last for a long time. Once the bedding has been watered, it should be placed in the stable via wheelbarrow and scattered into the stable until a satisfactory level of bedding has been reached. Cleaning out the stable has been made easier by shovels which are designed to let dry pellets flake away while the soiled ones can be picked up, another labour-reducing benefit of using wood pellets. Once the soiled bedding has been cleared, fresh bedding can be sprayed with water and added to the middle of the stable.

The fact that wood pellets are naturally free of preservatives and allergens means there are no specific health risks to your horse by using them, therefore pellets come with peace of mind. Wood pellets are naturally eco-friendly and biodegradable; they are carbon neutral therefore your carbon footprint is not affected in the slightest. It is vital at this day and age that renewable sources are used as widely as possible to prevent global warming, and with wood pellets there is no risk of damage to the ecosystem and therefore should be widely used. All of these positive factors conclude that wood pellets are not only the most satisfactory solution for the upkeep and wellbeing of a horse, but greatly reduce labour costs, carbon footprint and wellbeing worries for the owner.

Guess article sent in by Polina Golubeva.