Rich lady to adopt every one of America’s wild horses?

I must be dreaming, things like this are just too Disney sounding to be real, but I just found this news, Wild horses spared in dramatic rescue. And to double check I googled the news report title and found it posted here too…

Wild horses spared in dramatic rescue
By Lyndsey Layton; Washington Post; Posted: 11/18/2008 09:17:53 PM PST

The unwanted horses seemed destined for death. The wheels had been set in motion to put down about 2,000 healthy mustangs, those in a federally maintained herd of wild horses and burros that no one wanted to adopt.

The Bureau of Land Management knew that euthanasia was a legal alternative, but officials were proceeding slowly, afraid of an intense public outcry. The wild horses had become too expensive to maintain, and cattle ranchers argued that turning them loose would be a drain on the already scarce grazing lands of the West.

Then Monday, at a public hearing in Reno to discuss the issue, a solution arrived on a white horse, so to speak.

Madeleine Pickens, wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens, made known her intentions to adopt not just the doomed wild horses but most or all of the 30,000 horses and burros kept in federal holding pens.

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I still cannot believe this is true. Please let it be true! Let the wild horses be saved and let them be free to be wild horses!

Wild Horses B-roll – Youtube horse video

Americas Wild Horses (The Change – Garth Brooks) – Youtube horse video

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  1. I love stories like this. It is amazing when people come through and help animals that are in need.

  2. someone just let me know about Madeleine Pickens website at:

    You can keep up with what is happening with the wild horse rescue.

    On her site I also found some links to other news articles on saving the wild horses…

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  3. I am so HAPPY for all those lucky wild horses out there I cant believe it its so great to know theres people who care

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