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Wild horses need help — but — stick to the facts please…

I have noticed that the press and the people that govern our cities and country are fast to consider anyone on the animals’ side to be “animal activist” and it doesn’t sound like a positive thing when they say those two words. So please don’t give them any reason to write you off as a nut case by creating stories that don’t have sound facts to back them up.  It seems that sensationalism and drama could hurt the wild horses you are trying to save.

I received the following email message…

We have a group of advocates that have worked hard together for many years to do what we can to help save our wild horses.  It hasn’t been easy, and sometimes we disagree, but we still come together to put the horses first.  There is a new age of “advocates” that are beginning to show up and are completely destroying the work we have done because of their sensationalism and drama.  This only makes us work harder to regain the 2 steps backwards these people are creating.  Please read this.  We appreciate your support and understanding and will only present reality and facts.

Please read the following article…

Editorial Opinion: Wild Horse Advocacy – Not a Carnival Sideshow : Willis Lamm : September 28, 2010″ http://www.aowha.org/war/advocacy_editorial_100927.html http://snipurl.com/198qcn

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  1. Last time during my visit to the prairies I saw some wild horses. It was awesome. I was noting their behaviour and way of life for a couple of hours through my bino. Such wonderful animals! I would say, the best way to take care of them is to leave them in the wild without encroaching into their privacy.

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