It’s important to know what kind of supplies you need to best look after your horse; this means having the right equestrian supplies to make you and your horse comfortable, while also keeping a good collection of grooming tools. Regardless of whether you participate in show jumping or dressage events, you should invest in the right kinds of supplies to keep your horse as healthy as possible, while being aware of sizing and other issues with equipment that can have a significant impact on your riding and the care of your horse.

Various brushes and other tools used for groom...
Various brushes and other tools used for grooming horses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For bridles, patent leather can be the best option for ensuring comfort and durability; always check harness straps, and get a bit that’s of the right size for your horse. Moreover, test out the length of your reins to see whether they’re too tight or not when you’re riding.


A good rug/blanket for your horse should be able to keep it clean and warm during the colder months of the year; polyester rugs with a waterproof lining are perhaps the best option to take, while you can also invest in hoods for heavier weather.


As with bridles, it’s worth spending the time finding the right saddle for you and your horse; it should be leather or synthetic, and fitted to your horse without causing any obvious discomfort or sliding around when you’re riding.

Brushes and Combs

You should have a large collection of different brushes and combs for various parts of horse grooming – dandy brushes can be used for removing mud and dirt, and use stiff bristles; combs can also be used for dislodging loose hair, and for cleaning sensitive areas. Body brushes and wide toothed combs should be used for manes, with a focus being made on avoiding tangles and tearing your horse’s hair.


To keep your horse’s coat and mane in the best condition, use a mild shampoo that’s going to avoid dryness and irritation; a conditioner can also be applied to your horse’s mane to further reduce tangles.

Plaiting Bands

If you are participating in dressage and show jumping events, it’s worth having a series of coloured plaiting bands that can be used to keep your horse’s mane tidy and away from its face.

Travel Boots

These can be fitted over a horse’s hooves, and offer protection for its lower legs against mud and dirt while out riding, while also helping to keep it warm.

Fly Mask

Particularly useful during the Summer, a fly mask can be found in polyester, and offers a breathable, light solution to fly and insect irritation; some fly masks will also feature UV protection.


Check several different stirrup sizes to make sure that your feet aren’t too tightly bound, or that your feet don’t fall out too easily – well fitted stirrups with adjustable lengths will make it easier to stay comfortable while out on a ride.

General Equipment

Other equestrian supplies that you might need if you own a horse include wheelbarrows for hay and dung, as well as grooming kit cases, buckets, nets and supports for hay, and canvas bags for keeping tack clean and dry.

A young rider at a horse show in Australia
A young rider at a horse show in Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Sarah is an experienced rider and horse owner who likes to blog about her experiences and tips for new riders. She recommends investing time in finding the right equestrian supplies for your horse.

NOTE from Joni Solis: One of the best ways of learning about horses and riding is to start off with local riding classes and make friends with people that own a horse or horses. Also do a lot of reading about horses and horse care. You can find many good books at your local public library and at book stores. There are also some wonderful horse blogs online with more info about horse care and riding and horse supplies.

I you are smart you will also keep your mind open to different ideas. Just because something has been done a certain way for a very long time doesn’t mean it is the best way. New studies produce new ideas that should be consider for the best interest of the horse. Like now it has been found that many horses do best without constricting metal horse shoes and work well without metal in their mouths.