Your next creative marketing idea might come in the mail!

A friend recently sent me an email with a lot of photos of creative mailboxes. I thought, “What a great idea to draw attention to a horse business!” So I did a quick Google search and found sites with creative mailbox photos. Some of the photos on Sam’s Mailbox Pictures where of the same ones emailed to me. This is long web page full of intriguing and creative mailbox photos. Some of these creative mailbox creations should boost your creative thinking on your horse business marketing!

Think about it, what are you doing to draw some attention to your horse business? Do you have a nice sign posted up? Is it large enough and creative enough to draw some looks? Do you have a plain boring mailbox when you could have an eye catcher?

I from that first site I found Dean’s Custom Mailboxes. He makes wonderful horse mailboxes. Then I found The Mailbox Ranch with super WOW horse mailboxes! These should get people to take a double look.

So many horse business people complain that it is so hard to make money in the horse business and then they skimp on marketing. I have been to horse farms that didn’t even have a small sign hanging up. I even ended up at the wrong farm once because I passed up the first place because they didn’t have a sign and stopped at the first horse farm that I came to that sported a sign. And some places had signs so old and worn that I thought twice about visiting at all once I got there.

I doesn’t matter if you have horses polished better than Sunday china if no one learns about them. You have to market your business and it doesn’t always require big bucks. Get creative and think about ways you can draw attention to your farm/ranch/business.

More creative marketing ideas:

  1. Horse Crossing Signs These would be great for most horse farms and stables! and are two sites I found and I know there are more.
  2. Decorative Horse Flags You could use these to pretty up your stable and office.
  3. Horse Event Banners Do you hold any horse events? Then post a large banner for each one. Brand them with your logo. You do have a logo design right?

Have more creative marketing ideas, post them in the comments! We would all love to hear them.