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Alexandra Kurland equine clinic in Arkansas Feb 16 and 17, 2008

Dolores Arste is hosting an Intro horse training clinic on clicker training horses with Alex for Feb 16 and 17, 2008 in southwest Arkansas. Based on the people she has heard from so far she thinks they are going to have an “advanced beginner” clinic and some very interesting horses.

Dolores would love to have other experienced trainers and horses there too.

“Having a couple of people and horses who’ve progressed with clicker training adds so much to an intro clinic. It really lets the people new to clicker training horses see where they can take it. The participants and the horses will tell us how far we can go. The possibilities are limitless.”
– Dolores Arste

Horse Clicker Training Clinic

An information sheet it now ready to send. Just contact Dolores Arste please. Contact info below…

Contact info:

Dolores Arste
Dolores @ zenhorsemanship. com (copy and paste into your email program and remove extra spaces)
177 Polk Road 152, Hatfield, Arkansas USA
Ph: (518) 882 6485 (Phone calls are best for contacting about the upcoming clicker clinic)

Read my past post,
How to train your horse with gentle positives for more info on clicker training for horses.

Note from Joni: I think anyone that loves horses and wants to have the best relationship they can with them should be open to new ideas and ways of communicating with them. Horses love clicker training and people of all ages and sizes can learn to do it. It doesn’t use a lot of muscle to pressure the horse into doing what you want. You can be gentle. Clicker trained horses are happy equines that are self motivated because learning becomes a fun game.

Have you ever checked into clicker training for your horse? Leave a comment. Thanks!

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