• Dec 6 LaPaw Rescue Mistletoe Mutt Strut in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana – fundraiser for homeless pets
    http://snipurl.com/th9qo #
  • "95% of Americans have detectable levels of a plastic material… …in their blood"
    http://snipurl.com/th6vg #
  • "dismantling of crop subsidies …healthy start to breaking up corporate agriculture conglomerates"
    http://snipurl.com/th6s3 #
  • "corn, the crop is subsidized so heavily that it sells below the cost of production" WHY?
    http://snipurl.com/th6s3 #
  • Stolen Horse International 2009 Fundraising Auction – lovely items to buy that help horses
    http://snipurl.com/th3v0 #
  • Horse art: clay beads stamped w/horses on them; lovely! Helps Dreamchaser Rescue
    http://snipurl.com/th3lv #
  • "When and How to Put a Horse to Sleep" if you keep a horse for its life you need to think about this
    http://snipurl.com/th3e8 #
  • Living with horses: "Across the Valley equestrian properties preserve way of life"
    http://snipurl.com/th3ds #
  • "TOO MANY HORSES. Too many horses being bred & born and then never trained, never dewormed, barely fed, neve…"
    http://snipurl.com/th2uo #
  • Accepting sponsors and models for Unbridled Beauties of DoubleHP 2011 Calendar
    http://snipurl.com/th2rv #
  • Low-end horse breeders: "Overproduction recognized by salebarns"
    http://snipurl.com/th2nd #
  • "Free Horses: All-Breed Adoption Service Launched on TheHorse.com"
    http://snipurl.com/th2i1 #
  • "Grand Annual Steeplechase carnival in Warrnambool in May 2010 "will be the last jump race in Victoria after…"
    http://snipurl.com/th2hk #
  • "HSUS Releases Statement on Dressage Hyperflexion Video"
    http://snipurl.com/th2gw #
  • "Authorities Seize 84 Horses from Tennessee Farm"
    http://snipurl.com/th2gm #
  • Horse training: incorporating mutual enjoyment to establish respect, joy, & appreciation, our connection deep…
    http://snipurl.com/th2fo #
  • "Abandoned Horse Finds Permanent Home" people show their love with $8 thousand in donations
    http://snipurl.com/th2b7 #
  • "Following The Blissful Brick Road" it is all our choice
    http://snipurl.com/tgug2 #
  • Horse art: spotted dressage horse performing the levade; custom horse sculpture http://bit.ly/7F83SV #
  • portion of the proceeds from the International Equestrian Festival will be donated to horse charities
    http://snipurl.com/tftuo #
  • "Spanish Riding School in Vienna the only institution in the world which has practiced over 430 years"
    http://snipurl.com/tft0c #
  • farming must become sustainable within the next generation or globe starvation will begin
    http://snipurl.com/tfr7a #
  • ? "This medical monopoly has caused more death and bad health than any flu over the past 90 years."
    http://snipurl.com/tfqj6 #
  • "What Happened to the U.S.A.? Clotheslines Are Illegal" doing what's best for clothes & earth illegal
    http://snipurl.com/tfqg2 #
  • "killing off existing Quarter Horses to make room for more"
    http://snipurl.com/tfi0p #
  • Studies show that over half of all horses going to slaughter are registered American Quarterhorses in their prime… http://bit.ly/5XSAK6 #
  • video: Scientists: "Mad cow disease" from eating factory farmed fish" think about your diet & health
    http://snipurl.com/tfheo #
  • U.S. Against Equine Slaughter: Alabama "Equine Producers" Anxious to Kill Productions http://bit.ly/917VBF breeding horses for meat #
  • U.S. Against Equine Slaughter: GAO to Study Horse Slaughter Closure http://bit.ly/5rh67W #
  • Horse art, Equine art, for sale.: Hurricane. New graphite drawing by Sheona Hamilton-Grant http://bit.ly/8k3lHj Incredible pencil painting! #
  • "LOPE provides Texas racehorses with opportunities for new careers after their racing days are over."
    http://snipurl.com/tfgoa #
  • "Lynn Reardon – Horse Author Interview" her new horse book is "Beyond the Homestretch"
    http://snipurl.com/tfgo2 #
  • Horses heal: Freedom Reigns rescue foals & then match them with anxious, depressed, & troubled teens
    http://snipurl.com/tffqz #
  • "Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue is dedicated to saving American mustangs from slaughter and abuse."
    http://snipurl.com/tffpq #
  • "no way to train a horse to do the high, unnatural gate many Tennessee Walkers exhibit without the practice …"
    http://snipurl.com/tffno #
  • horse news: "quarter horse industry probably the biggest culprit when it comes to getting rid of…"
    http://snipurl.com/tffno #
  • "pasture ornaments" (horses) …have just as much personality as a dog or cat
    http://snipurl.com/tfflb #
  • "White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue" new sign for new logo by Heidi Powers — looking good!
    http://snipurl.com/tffik #
  • "cancer is the single most profitable disease ever encountered by mankind"
    http://snipurl.com/tf5ej #
  • Horse art: "Friesians In The Mist" original painting by Dianne Dakowicz
    http://snipurl.com/tf41z #
  • Horse art: "Equixotics" equine art on apparel and gifts of romantic horse breeds
    http://snipurl.com/tf410 #
  • "Top 5 Ways to Make a Difference This Holiday Season"
    http://snipurl.com/tf3hq #
  • "possibly America's only-known barefoot Akhal-Teke three-day event horses"
    http://snipurl.com/tf0np #
  • "if chlorine kills bacteria in water, it will also kill bacteria in the digestive tract" good bacteria
    http://snipurl.com/teycj #
  • "Urge Congress to Amend SB 510 to Protect Local Farms"
    http://snipurl.com/tey76 #
  • "climate change – including rising sea levels – is a global problem, and demands a global response"
    http://snipurl.com/texqb #
  • breaking what cannot be pieced back together? "without the environment there are no economics"
    http://snipurl.com/texls #
  • man tinkering again: "the heart of the Amazon and what happens here affects the whole world"
    http://snipurl.com/texls #
  • sick and tired? go green: "Out With The Old, In With The Raw"
    http://snipurl.com/texic #
  • race horse "bay gelding who earned $70,383 and had previously been claimed is available for adoption"
    http://snipurl.com/te85q #
  • Race horses: "Stable to table in seven days"
    http://snipurl.com/te85q #
  • "1+ million cows graze on the public acreage, yet BLM never complains of bovine damage to meadows"
    http://snipurl.com/tdy1f #
  • "Equine geneticists claim the government's plan is to eliminate wild horses from the American West in favor …"
    http://snipurl.com/tdy1f #
  • "BLM Plan Could Make the Mustang as Rare as the Buffalo"
    http://snipurl.com/tdy1f #
  • "Ken Salazar's Wild Horse Plan Fuels Accusations That He's In The Pocket Of Ranchers"
    http://snipurl.com/tdy03 #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-23:
    "BLM officials reported over 7,000 public comments had been receive.. http://bit.ly/08Q4wPq #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-23:
    "BLM officials reported over 7,000 public comments had been receive.. http://ping.fm/d2M25 #

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