Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-23

  • "BLM officials reported over 7,000 public comments had been received" #
  • "purchase price is probably the smallest amount of money you'll spend on your horse" #
  • "Old Horse Starved, Then Hung to Death" another owner trying to get rid of unwanted horse; so sad #
  • "Abandoned Colorado Horse Recovering from Gunshot Wound" failed attempt of owner to kill horse? #
  • "first time the Prancing Horse logo has adorned an actual musical instrument" Ferrar Logo on Guitar #
  • Enjoy the thought of wild horse running free while you can, BLM wants them gone… #
  • "BLM considered several options, but not one of them included reducing the number of cattle allowed to graze…" #
  • "go vegan. The horses are being removed from their natural habitat because they compete with domestic livest…" #
  • Tell Obama that it's time to sign an ambitious global warming treaty @greenpeaceusa #cop15 Pls RT #
  • "As the worsening of the situation you get this desperate feeling of needing to help the horses when you kno…" #
  • "no market for horses, O'Connell said. They are being sold at auctions in Canon Falls, Wis., for $10" #
  • "Horse rescue in Montgomery; responder injured" horse's foot stuck in fence; how safe are your fences? #
  • "BLACK FURY" wild horses in comics #
  • Horse article: "Getting a Rescue Horse" #
  • Horsse rescue starving horses: "Couple charged with animal cruelty over horses at Brooksville ranch" #
  • "How to Make Your Own Custom News Page" #
  • Horse health; herbs: "Nourish your horse's health at the source." #
  • "One Million Dollars to Keep One Solider in Aghanistan for One Year" #
  • Lovely Andalusian Horse painting with bold colorful brush strokes; love it! #
  • health news: "chronic internal inflammation can contribute to nearly every major illness of our time" #
  • "Four reasons why new websites flop" are you guilt of any of these; don't let these get your site down #
  • "Worldwide, there are more Spanish speakers than English speakers—Spanish is the second most common language…" #
  • FEI Assembly Response to "Blue Tongue Dressage" Up… -… #
  • Read and feed your horses better!

    >If our story helps even just one animal to recover, or one veterinarian to see… #

  • RT: @markmotts: How My Horse Beat Cancer Diet plays a key roll….never doubt the power of nutrition! #
  • William Cromwell, former Deputy Director U.S. National Security, "next 20 to 30 years, cyber-attacks will increasingly component of war" #
  • "Ride Magazine Video : Cowboy Dressage" #
  • Shiloh Horse Rescue: We are back and the New Arrivals! 502 horses saved so far! #
  • save on the cost of owning a horse with good: "PASTURE MANAGEMENT" #
  • "Flexitarians on the Rise as Informed Consumers Avoid Meat" #
  • Horse book: Straight from the Horse's Heart — A Spiritual Ride through Love, Loss and Hope by R.T. Fitch; The Force… #
  • fun horse tee shirts make great gifts for horse lovers…

    NEIGHSAYERS – Original equestrian-themed shirts with a… #

  • Equine Welfare Alliance spokesman John Holland described some of the plans laid out by the Bureau of Land… #
  • Wild Horse Advocates call BLM plans "Bloodless Genocide" #
  • BBC NEWS | UK | England | Kent | 'Horses destroyed' in recession #
  • Send a coat hanger to pro-choice Dems who voted for #Stupak Amendment: @credomobile Please RT #
  • "approximately 25 percent of homeless people are children" #
  • "America – 1.3 million homeless children, over 12,000 of them just in the Venice area of Los Angeles." #
  • RT @SageByNature: Wild Horse Roundups in dead of winter?!! Please no! #
  • Protect 10 Shelter Cats with Vaccinations at The Animal Rescue Site #
  • RT: @TheCloudFound: BLM managing America's wild horses to extinction & fails to produce legitimate scientific evidence #
  • Custom horse logo design created for Inspiritus Equine #
  • Like this: now lets do it! RT: @Debra_Cummings: Think less, imagine more! #
  • Cars your horse would love (to eat) 🙂

    Here is a snip of the article …Hemp and flax for building cars is not… #

  • A miniature horse is training to become a blind Michigan woman's guide.
    YouTube – Horse Trains As Guide for Blind… #
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