Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-26

  • Horse poem: "THE STALLION" #
  • "underground industry that essentially is puppymilling for horses" #
  • Horse art: "Equine Artists Forty-five artists inspired by the Horse" #
  • Horse art: LAURIE JUSTUS PACE Texas Premier Contemporary Modern Equine Artist – The Painted Pony #
  • "young author's goal was to tell a story that brought the very tragic issue of horse theft to life" #
  • Horse book: "Mystery at Silver Key Stables" Charity Book SeriesĀ®, By Alexandra Joy Gritta helps horses #
  • "Horse Rescue: Help A Good Horse Get a Great Home!" #
  • "Great Horse Movies" nice long list to check out #
  • Pony Trail Designs "Furniture produced with care and of the highest workmanship" western furniture #
  • firstgiving: "Help Save the Lives of Neglected and Slaughter Bound Horses" #
  • New Slideshow of Horse rescue logos at .. #
  • "threatened with arrest and financial ruin for simply telling the truth about a powerful herb with scientifi…" #
  • Show the FCC that there is strong public support for #netneutrality. Sign the petition today. @credomobile Please RT #
  • Horse video trailer: "Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions" #
  • Horse TV "Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions airs on PBS stations nationwide on Sunday, October 25th" #
  • Funny video: "insurance companies face real competition" #
  • Horse Drawings and Horse Art Prints: Includes Equine Artwork and Pencil Drawings of Horses #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-19:
    "Is BLM Proposing Any Real Change to its Wild Horse and Burro Progra.. #

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