Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-21

  • Build Small Business Website- Yola is ideal – free website building tools & hosting #
  • horse training: "using softer and softer cues, until all I had to do was think it and she did it" #
  • Horse Mag: "NHEEA Vol.2, 2009" for horse people that REALLY care about their horse #
  • "You Decide – How corrupt is the BLM? By Jerry Finch" #
  • Mustangs on the Hill-Sept 29 on the West Front Lawn of Capitol Hill 2 support ROAM ACT-Save our Wild Horses pls RT #
  • Horse Training Article: Classical Conditioning- key to creating magic with your horse #
  • "Horse in Art: The Horse That Settled the West Art Show and Sale" thru Nov 14 art show & sale #
  • a Twitter service that provides detailed info about a specific twitter #
  • RT @tweetmeme Stream Live Video on Twitter from twitcam- powered by Livestream #
  • "Texas- there are more tigers in captivity than there are wild tigers left in the entire world." #
  • video: "How (And Why) To Use Email Marketing" info about mailchimp for small businesses & artist #
  • Horse Art: Leonardo's Horse? New research may shed light on theory that sculpture may be da Vinci's #
  • Tell Congress to pass healthcare reform with a public option by majority votes: RT @DFAaction #p2 #hcr #
  • "Get Your Free Torture Team Cards!" torture is never OK #
  • Horse health: "Horse Cured of arthritis, fused knee joints & laminitis" I need what this horse eats #
  • Horse health: horse w/osteoperosis, could hardly walk & 3 months later running – amazing #
  • Horse health: "program helped horse owners save thousands of dollars a year" find out how… #
  • non-graphic video: "Horse Slaughter … Did You Know? II" #
  • Wild horse advocacy groups, BLM, & Humane Society of the United States designated September 26 as National Wild Horse Adoption Day. #
  • wildhorse news: "Some Horses from Cloud's Herd Could End Up Slaughtered" pls RT #
  • Help Pass Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill #
  • RT: @SageByNature: National Wild Horse Adoption Day is 9/26, more info here: #
  • Horse riding help "15 minutes w/ this half naked man could change your life…Or at least your riding" #
  • Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is currently seeking sponsors & donations for online auction- help & RT #
  • The Girl and The Horse – Rebecca Manley – short film animated entirely using sand on glass #
  • Horse blog Wild Hoofbeats -Devoted to keeping America's wild horses wild and free- Cloud herd info too #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-14:
    "Integrity" Ethics pg for horse rescue org. wish all bizs & .. #

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