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So many choices in the market place. How do you make your horse business be the one they think of FIRST – Top of Mind?

What does it take to gain this top of mind awareness? I have read about a study that stated that it took an average of twelve impressions before a sale took place. Impressions being anything from exposure to ads, signs, phone calls, emails, visiting, mailings, word of mouth, etc…

Quite often there is lag time involved too. Meaning that not everyone will purchase right after they have been heard from you the required number of times. They may not be in need of your product or service at that time, they may need more study time, or time to save for the purchase.

The more often a person sees or hears of your company the better, as this causes familiarity. Familiarity causes a person to gain confidence in a business and creates a positive view of the company name. We all want to feel positive and confident about the items we purchase.

Repetition is the key – design a consistent program of exposure

Recall and recognition needs repetition!

  • Run ads often not just once in a blue moon.
  • Put out a monthly newsletter – paper or digital.
  • Plan on sending out monthly press releases.
  • Post up signs and mark all your vehicles with them too.
  • Post informational articles on your website or blog consistently.

What do most people put at the top of their Christmas tree? A star or an angel are the two most common adornments to grace the top of the tree? Why is that? The answer is simple – these two items are what they have seen the most and so that is what comes to their mind first and what feels right because of their repeat exposure to them. The star and angel now cause positive emotions.

It takes many exposures to your brand or marketing message before it starts to get etched into a person’s brain. Most companies fail to make this ‘program of exposure’ a top priority in their business plan. Yes, I am talking about working up a Marketing Plan. Marketing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Think of it is helping people discover what you have to offer which will be of benefit to them.

Educate your customers

Many people today want to learn more about a product before they purchase it. This gives them a better chance at making an informed decision. They go online and do research. How much info are YOU posting about your product or service? How easy is it for people to find this info?

Help them gather facts
Consider doing some of the following…

  • Case studies
  • Product reviews
  • Testimonial web page
  • Video demonstrations (post on youtube and other top video sites)
  • Videos of present customers using your product
  • Free information eBooks or eReports
  • Information articles or eCourses
  • Hold Events or join with other businesses to put on an event
  • Try to get e-magazines to quote you and publish your articles
  • Try for radio and TV shows to feature you as a guest expert
  • Let other people help spread the news about you – start an affiliates program.
  • Hire someone to check over your website or blog and do some Search Engine Optimization so more people can find your site.

All of these activities cause your name to become better know and for more people to perceive you as a leader / expert. They build up recall, recognition, confidence, and positive feelings for your brand.

What makes you different / better – how do you stand out from the rest? Now go about designing a plan to repeat this info and expose it to as many people as possible.