Introducing 5 innovative technologies for equestrians

As horse professionals, you know that the business of horses can be an incredibly challenging one. Regardless of if you’re a sporting equestrian, an animal care provider, or for the personal satisfaction and love that’s created from bonding with such a majestic animal, there are several smart phone applications—for the iPhone, Android, and even the—that are horse-friendly, fun, educational, and even life-saving!

Here are the best mobile applications for horse lovers:

1. Equine AcuPoints ($14.99 – for iPhone)

The Equine AcuPoints app is an equine acupressure practitioner’s most reliable ally in the animal care field. Many veterinary doctors as well as equine health care providers rely on Acupressure—a form of alternative Chinese medical method that features placing pressure onto various vital points along the body to treat and cure various illnesses. Acupressure has been effective in treating many human health issues, and it has also believed to be beneficial for animals, including horses. During a procedure, a medical practitioner will place pressure on Acupoints in order to manipulate the energy that flow through the body’s meridians. The idea is that when meridians are unblocked and energy is able to flow smoothly, various symptoms and health issues will be resolved. This app was created by the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute and provides a full-range of images detailing all of the major meridian points (or Acupoints) on a horse’s body for treating specific equine conditions, as well as their functions.

2. Horse Rider SOS ($8.12 – for Android)

The Horse Rider SOS is an emergency alert system created especially for the rescue of horse riders in trouble. The app uses GPS technology in order to locate isolated riders during an emergency situation. Horse-riding can be a risky endeavor, and if your horse is unpredictable, or stumbles, falls, spooks, or bolts, the rider can be unseated and injured in a remote area. The Horse Rider SOS app simply monitors rider activity using a GPS signal so if you should fall or be injured, the app will send an automatic alert to the first emergency contact on your friends’ list.

3. Colic in Horses: An Owner’s Guide (Free – for iPhone)

Horse owners fear colic in their beloved animals. The single, highest cause of equine death every year, untreated colic can cause painful and unforeseen death. Equine education is vital for horse owners as a quick diagnose and treatment are crucial to recovery. Created by Dr. Keith Taraba, owner of Northeast Texas Equine Services, this app will educate horse owners and care providers on the signs and symptoms associated with equine colic.

4. Horsemanship ($3.16 – for Android)

Successful horse trainers do more than practice and teach riding skills to animals—they must truly bond with the animal in order to understand the horse and interact with the horse from a place of trust and respect. The horsemanship app teaches new horse trainers how to work with horses efficiently, as well as safety procedures, and the basic principles and methods for interacting effectively with your horse.

5. Horse 360 ($1.99 – for iPhone)

The Horse 360 app teaches users about equine anatomy in a fun, learning-style environment. Using memory-style learning, this app visually connects different parts of the horse with their anatomical terms and then follows up with a quiz. As users learn and progress, they can increase levels to test their knowledge (the app offers five levels of difficultly). This app is a great learning tool for veterinary students, as well as horse owners to help them understand medical terms used during vet appointments.

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