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Touching horses – teaching horses

Bonding, de-stressing, relaxing – all enhanced through the magic of touch

Update: New call with Linda Wednesday, March 19, 2008; sign up for this free call!

Throughout history great horseman have used the sense of touch to help tame and teach horses. The right kind of touch can greatly relive tension and fear and aid in bonding with the horse. Many of the top horse clinicians today have learned the importance of touch when dealing with horses.

Clinton Anderson learned the magic of touch from another equine clinician when he was still a teen. Pat Parelli also knows and uses touch with horses as well. The correct use of touch can lower the horse’s heart rate and even its cortisol levels. Touch between horses is used to reduce social tension between group members. It is also used as a source of reassurance following social conflict.

Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTouch Method involves the simple use of the human touch and can improve your horse’s performance, behavior, and well-being. So if you are looking to learn new methods to enhance the relationship between you and your horse you will want to attend her special call, “TTouch For You‚Ķ and The Horse You Rode In On” on Wednesday November 28, 2007. It is a Free live teleseminar call (phone seminar).

In just a couple more days you can chat with Linda about how TTouch and TTEAM and the ways it can help you and your horse.

What would YOU like to ask Linda Tellington-Jones?

Here here are a few questions Linda will be answering:

“What is a good starting place to begin with a horse who’s had quite a checkered past (several owners, couple of injuries)?”

“Do you think TTOUCH also helps animals on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels?”

“If you could ask Linda Tellington-Jones just 1 question about TTOUCH or TTEAM, what would it be?”

Sign up and we’ll ask her YOUR question too! It not too late to get your question in – register for this free call.

(Questions get answered in the order they were sent in, so hurry.)

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Horse videos about horses and touch…

Equine Teleseminars make it easy to learn more about your horse!

These Equine Teleseminars (phone seminars) put on by Patricia of are an exciting, affordable opportunity to ask your favorite clinician your questions, and to have them answered – LIVE over the phone!

Unlike attending a clinic, teleseminars are easy for you…

* No packing and long travel time or drives
* No worries about the price of gas, motels, the security of your horse, or if your car is going to make the trip before it falls apart
* No need to farm out the kids, the dogs, the other horses
* Relax in your favorite easy chair
* Sip on your favorite hot or cold drink
* Purchase the audio files, and listen to them over and over

Call Info Summary:

Call with: Linda Tellington-Jones a Favorite Equine Clinician

Date and time: Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007; 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific

P.S. This is a zero-cost call*

* This phone call is free, outside of your regular long distance phone charges. Space is limited, so sign up now and make plans to attend! Sign up even if you can’t make the call, your questions make the event more valuable for everybody. Even if you can not make it for the live call or you miss the call you can order the audio and text files and still get all the important info!

Feel free to tell all your horse loving friends and family about this call!

Note from Joni Solis…

We own it to the horses we love to learn to do better by them. Stay open to learning new ways to care for your horse.

If you are an equine clinician you should consider joining Patricia of in giving these calls.

How has touch been involved in your relationship with your horse?

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  1. Thanks Joni! The call last night was mind-blowing – Linda didn’t get through all the questions, of course, but the ones she answered really opened things up for me. I’ve known about TTouch for years and years, and have used it a little. I’m going to pick up her new book, and get reacquainted with it, and use it to take my riding forward.

    As there were some technical difficulties that resulted in us having to use a different phone service, I’ll post the audio for a short time.

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