The Cost of Owning a Horse Infographic

The cost of owning a horse is much more than many people realize when they first consider owning their own horse. Are you ready to spend some money for this new hobby? Please educate yourself about all the costs and possible costs – like sudden veterinarian costs or doctor costs from an unexpected dump. It might be a good idea to just lease a horse for a while to get a truer idea of horse ownership money and time costs. Or you could help out a local horse rescue organization and foster a horse until it gets adopted. The above graphic was sent to me from Diamond Trailers – they create custom trailers to fit any purpose, size, and requirement that their our customers need. Save Related articles Horses for Lease – Pros & Cons / Basics of Ownership The Newest Rage in Infographics-InfoDoodle Murals at DecideActProfit Why Infographics Should Be Part of Your SEO Strategy [Infographic]
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Is pet insurance necessary for my horse?

  Pet insurance is a type of insurance that typically helps consumers pay for their pet’s emergency medical expenses. While pet insurance is similar to human health insurance, it actually works somewhat differently. With pet insurance, consumers are required to pay for their pet’s care and then submit a claim to their insurance provider. After the provider reviews the claim, they will reimburse the policy holder for the appropriate amount. Due to the rising costs of veterinary care, many pet owners are realizing the importance of pet insurance. Pet insurance is especially important for consumers who have very expensive pets, like horses. Purchasing pet insurance for one’s horse is the best way to ensure that the animal’s medical needs will always be taken care of. The Costs Associated with Owning a Horse A horse is a huge investment. In addition to the original price of the horse, owners can expect to pay certain expenses, including: Boarding – Between $100 and $1,000 a month Feed – Between $700 and $1,300 a year when including hay, grain, minerals and salts Vaccines, De-worming and Veterinary Checkups – $200 to $300 per year Bedding – Approximately $150 a year Farrier Services – Between $180 […]
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