Free horse hoof workshops in Wellington Fla

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Attend Hands-On Workshops with Vettec Representative Lynne

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Vettec representative Lynne Myers is leading free hands-on workshops in Wellington, Fla. to teach techniques on how to apply hoof products and shoeing options. Your readers are invited to visit the workshops to gain insight on hoof care options. Handbooks and product demos will be available for anyone who attends.

Hands-On Workshops Overview
Lynne will provide instruction on techniques in correcting angles, creating extensions and restoring distorted hoof capsules. She will also demonstrate how to glue on shoes and point out techniques for success. Workshops will take place at Visby Products and Palm Beach Farrier Supply in Wellington, Fla. Dates and location information are listed below. Registration is free! Walk-ins are welcome. Registration:

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Are you causing agony to others?

Are Your Actions Causing Unspeakable Agony to Others?
By Amber Williams

“NO!” you say rather indignantly.  “I gave more than I could even afford in church last Sunday.  I stayed up all night with a sick relative to ease his pain, and then went to work at eight am.  I left a huge tip for a waitress who was kind of a grouch, and I was honest enough to give back the extra ten dollars when she made a mistake in giving me my change.  I make a point of smiling at strangers in the hope of brightening their day in some small way!” I’M A KIND, CONSIDERATE AND GIVING PERSON!!!”

Rabbit in Research for Animal Testing
Rabbit in Research for Animal Testing (Photo credit:

Bad Karma

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Understand your horse better to understand their behavior problems

“Stuck” in Your Relationship with Your Horse? Or Yourself? Cathy Rivers Connects with Her Inner Nature Design

Olympia, WA – Horses know exactly who you are. That’s a fact. So wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who they are? Especially if you’re about to make that investment and purchase a new horse. How about resolving – once and for all –  the frustrating challenges in you and your horse’s training that’s keeping you both from the winner’s circle. Maybe you just want a better relationship with your horse and are tired of fighting.

Cathy Rivers, human dynamics expert, holistic horse therapist and horse breeder is now making available her unique and fascinating holistic process – with a success track record – that she’s been practicing for years. It’s called Inner Nature Design: Blueprints for Profound Equine Partnerships. It’s a modality that Rivers knows works based on principles that are easy to understand as well as easily incorporated into your daily personal life and partnership with your horse. And it works.

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The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook now available

A Holistic Approach: Human Dynamics meets Horse in “The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook”
Written by The Confident Equestrian Coach, Cathy Rivers

Olympia, WA., May 1, 2012 – Nationally known equestrian confidence coach Cathy Rivers, as part of her Big Horse Dreams, The Confident Equestrian Program, has designed a new e-Workbook that provides a proven learning progression for mastering confidence skills in order to improve your training, riding, competing, communication and overall enjoyment of your partnership with your horse.

NEW! The Confident Equestrian Workbook

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