Name Your Rider to “Cowboy Up” at Pimlico

Imagine: A Thoroughbred trainer has five horses competing in an important event at Pimlico on the same Saturday.  He needs to find four more excellent jockeys to ensure the horses get the best ride possible in the competition. Fairly normal situation, right?  Except these Thoroughbreds chase cows for a living, not the finish wire. Sometimes it really is a matter of the more, the merrier.  And when the Retired Racehorse Training Project (RRTP) asked ranch horse trainer Dale Simanton to bring his full crew ranch and cattle-trained off-track Thoroughbreds to Baltimore for the RRTP Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium on October 5 and 6, nobody really thought about who was going to ride them. “That was when we conceived this idea of inviting a group of jockeys to take the mounts on these horses,” said RRTP President, Steuart Pittman. “We can’t imagine anything more fun than having some of America’s most well-known riders taking the reins on this group of ‘cow horses’ for this event.” The event, named “Who Let the Cows Out?”, will pair celebrity jockeys with retired Thoroughbred racehorses from the Gate to Great training program of Newell, South Dakota to compete on the Pimlico track in a […]
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Cowboys, Cowgirls, Cattle, and Thoroughbreds to Cut Loose at Pimlico

When the Retired Racehorse Training Project announced that 26 Thoroughbred ex-racehorses would appear at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, Maryland to demonstrate their talent for second careers, nobody envisioned a western invasion of Maryland hunt country. The majority of the demonstrations at the October 5 and 6 Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium will feature the traditional English sports that Thoroughbreds have excelled in for centuries, but today RRTP announced that the western disciplines will move in on Pimlico in a big way. “When one of our trainers, Dale Simanton, requested some cattle for his demonstration at Pimlico, we all thought he was kidding,” said RRTP president Steuart Pittman. “We didn’t think our friends at Maryland Jockey Club would let cattle anywhere near their racetrack, but we were wrong. So we had a conference call with Dale and his crew and decided he should not bring just one ranch horse, he should bring as many as he could fit in his trailer so we could host a full ranch rodeo demonstration.” Dale’s South Dakota ranch is home to Gate to Great, a program that retrains Thoroughbreds off the track to do the ranch work typical of western cattle operations.  The ranch is […]
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Colt Starting Clicker Training Book

Horse training book about clicker training your horse. Written by Leslie Pavlich.
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Teach through Touch

horse heads and hands touching

Touching horses - teaching horses

Bonding, de-stressing, relaxing - all enhanced through the magic of touch

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Update on the horse clicker training clinic

Alexandra Kurland equine clinic in Arkansas Feb 16 and 17, 2008 Dolores Arste is hosting an Intro horse training clinic on clicker training horses with Alex for Feb 16 and 17, 2008 in southwest Arkansas. Based on the people she has heard from so far she thinks they are going to have an “advanced beginner” clinic and some very interesting horses. Dolores would love to have other experienced trainers and horses there too.
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Clicker Training Horses Course

Clicker Training for the Horse 101 This brand new 10 week course on clicker training equines has been added to PENZANCE’S Online Educational Series and begins November 12th Brief introduction to Positive Reinforcement training of the horse with more detail focused on the Terminal Bridge, Intermediate Bridge, Behavior Modification, Shaping and Variable Reinforcers. Meet in live classroom once weekly. Posted materials and class transcripts stored online for easy access anytime. Course teacher is Gwen Santagate. Her credentials and background can be found on The Penzance Horse in the “About Gwen” link. Software requirements are easily met… Requires Microsoft Power Point Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader. (both can be found on the internet for free download.) For more info and to register visit The Penzance Horse SPECIAL OFFERING UNTIL NOVEMBER 30TH… Anyone who registers as a full student for any 101 course can have a friend register for just 1/2 tuition! If you’re interested in this, please email Gwen Santagate at: caballus @ (please remove spaces in email address) If you have any questions please contact Gwen. Note from Joni: I love clicker training for my ponies and dogs and I think everyone with an animal to train should keep […]
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How to train your horse with gentle positives

Teaching your horse to love learning!! Horse Clicker Training Clinic Alexandra Kurland Equine Clicker Training Pioneer is coming to Hatfield, AR February 16-17, 2008. To put it simply, an animal tends to repeat an action that has a positive consequence and tends not to repeat one that has a negative consequence. Trainers can take advantage of that natural tendency by providing positive reinforcement following an action that they want the animal to repeat. In order for the animal to connect the positive reinforcement to the behavior that he is doing, the reinforcement must happen AS the behavior is occurring, not afterwards. The actual reinforcement can’t always be delivered to the animal at that precise instant, however. “Clicker training” is a term used to describe a way of training animals that has become increasingly popular in the last decade because of its gentle methods (and because it is effective). The scientific term for it is operant conditioning. The term came to mean a small box known as a clicker but and really can be coupled with any Marker. Trainers needed to find another way of letting the animal know that he was doing the right thing, so they began using a […]
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Live call with Stacie Westfall 2006 Road to the Horse Winner

Equine learning opportunity with Stacie Westfall Discover her horse training secrets. Dolores Arste of has lined up Stacie Westfall to be interviewed on her next Clicker Trainer’s Conference call for April 9th. Dolores sent me the following info on this very special *free call… I can’t believe that Stacie’s fire to become a horse trainer was fueled at a John Lyons Symposium in Maine. I was actually there! Stacy grew up in Maine where she rode any horse she could find. She started riding on a Shetland Pony named Misty who was trained to rear on command. Stacy trained her first colt at 14–a $150 project horse. Now several (I won’t say how many) years later, Stacy Westfall, of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, is no stranger to the competition arena. She was the first woman to compete in and the first woman to win
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