Prevent Snowballing in Horse Hooves During Winter Season

Vettec Equi-Pak CS Helps Prevent Snowballing in Horse Hooves During Winter Season Pour-in pad provides durable support and protection against thrush in wet conditions OXNARD, CALIF. – DEC. 8, 2015 – As temperatures in parts of the country dip below freezing and weather presents wet conditions, horses become susceptible to snowballing and thrush in their hooves. Tab Pigg, Vettec’s Farrier-at-Large, recommends that farriers and horse owners apply snowball pads or pour-in pad material to horse’s hooves during the cold season to prevent snow becoming impacted in the hoof cavity. Vettec Equi-Pak CS can serve as a snowball pad and its special formula can reduce the likelihood of thrush, which often surfaces during wet seasons. Vettec Equi-Pak CS is a fast-setting, soft, instant pad material. It is infused with copper sulfate to effectively prevent and manage mild and moderate cases of thrush. With proper application, Equi-Pak CS bonds to the bottom of a horse’s foot, eliminating the possibility of snow and bacteria being trapped in the frog. “If a horse’s hoof cavity isn’t protected or filled during the snowy season, there is a risk the horse could become sore and lame,” says Pigg. “When a horse’s hooves are packed with snow […]
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Horse hooves sounds from electric car

New electric car with “horse hoof” sound effects The car is as cute as a toy pony and makes the sound of horse hooves on pavement to alert people. I love my electric golf cart and I do get the horse hoof sounds from my real ponies when they run besides it going down the gravel road to my mother’s pasture, but I would love to see this car put info action on America city streets. The U.S. really needs a good electric car to help with air and sound pollution and to cut the cost of travel due to the high cost of gasoline. I love this car’s tiny size but then I am attracted to ponies. For many horse people that ride huge warmbloods and fat-butt quarterhorses this car may take some getting use to. At 41 miles per hour it is as fast as a thoroughbred horse galloping, but it is
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