Horse Advertising Network Announces New Support Blog

Guest post by Cheryl Erpelding of The Horse Advertising Network (HADN)

The Horse Advertising Network (HADN) has created a blog – Tips-Tactics – Horse Business Marketing. The goal for the HADN Blog – is to provide support for all your horse business operations, internet marketing and advertising efforts for your products and services aimed at reaching horse enthusiasts.

Our blog is meant to not only provide you with business and marketing tips and tactics for your online business, but to also stimulate comments, questions and submission of problems (opportunities) you are looking for solutions to.  Response and support will not only come from the Horse Advertising Network staff but also your peers throughout the Horse Industry. One of our goals is to have this blog become a community of various people in the Horse Industry where you can come to not only get your questions answered, but for you to also provide solutions you have found to topics we may be covering in support of other participants inquires.

We invite you to check it, add your comments, and make suggestions on what you would like to see us address.

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Building Blocks to Equine Business Success

Running an equine business takes a great deal of planning, patience and understanding. While most equine businesses are ran by horse-loving people with a desire to enhance the horse industry, a solid understanding of business principles is also necessary in order to be successful. So, loving and understanding horses is not enough, it is important and helpful, but not enough.

Business Sign X
Business Sign X (Photo credits:

There are many ways that one may acquire the business knowledge necessary to be successful in the horse industry. Depending on what type of learner you are, what kind of budget you have and what type of business you are going to run, any one of these ideas will be appropriate. It may be that you choose a combination of ideas. A well-rounded knowledge base is always the best option. This will provide you with a solid understanding of business principles from different sources. Together they will give you the foundation from which to begin and expand your business.

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How a horse website directory can help your horse business

Greenhorn Horse Facts Horse Directory can help people find your horse business online.

FACT!  Most potential customers are now searching online for relevant horse facts and information.

FACT!  Most directories charge a fortune for a listing and only allow you to enter the most relevant information about your site.

FACT!  Our horse website directory allows you to provide as much information as you like, including graphics. It is interactive with potential customers, features Web 2.0 and integrates with social networks.

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Horse videos sell horses

horse and money sign

Horse for sale videos increase sales

I just did a search on YouTube for “Horse for Sale” and 6,300 horse videos pop up in the search results! That is a lot of ‘horses for sale’ videos on one site. One video received 72,447 views! Since YouTube now receives twice the page views as Google my guess is that many people are finding and buying horses because of these posted horse videos. People are successfully selling horses using video — Are you?

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Generating Incoming Links

horse links

Why have inbound links? Well in a word: traffic.

The more incoming links or one way links pointing to your website the better you will place in some search engines like Google, which leads to more people finding and visiting your site. Also you will receive direct traffic from the sites displaying your links. Hopefully if your site is set up right some of this added traffic will lead to higher sales and business profits!

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Promoting Your Stallion

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Advertising your stud horse is important for your horse business

Equine Teleseminar’s blog just posted the article, “The Business of Horses – Promoting Your Stallion” by M. R. Bain.

M. R. Bain has bred, trained and shown Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints, Arabians as well as Morgans, Saddlebreds, Welsh Ponies and many other breeds. He has developed breeding programs and farms for owners, managed boarding and training stables, been a stallion manager and is considered an authority on equine management. His articles have appeared in The Quarter Horse Journal, Paint Horse Journal, Pinto Horse Magazine, POA Magazine, Spotted Saddle Horse News and 30 regional horse publications from Florida to Alaska and East to West Coast.

If you have a breeding stallion to market I think you should check out his article.

I hope to post some of his other horse business articles on this blog soon.

Stallion Greeting Cards

Arabian Horse Ecard; free to send Horse Greeting Card; free to send Horse Greeting Card; free to send

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Horse Marketing 101

horse and money signIf you rely on your horses for income, you are going to have to have good marketing skills just like any other business. That’s right, horses don’t sell themselves! If you are a breeder, riding instructor, trainer, boarding facility, or horse dealer, you are going to need to reach and impress your potential customers in order to sell them your products and services. How do you do that? Just follow the steps illustrated below and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a successful horse-related business!

1.) Know who your customers are. Who needs your products and services? If you are a training facility, then people with untrained horses need you. If you are a boarding facility, then horse owners who don’t have space at home for their horses need you. If you are a riding instructor, then your potential customers are anyone who wants to learn how to ride horses. You get the picture! A big part of making sure your horse business works is identifying your customers.

2.) Find out where your customers hang out. Where do horse people congregate? At feed and tack stores, at horse shows, at online horse-related web sites and chat rooms, to name just a few. Now break it down even further. Let’s say you are a breeder of Morgan horses. Sure, you’ll find some Morgan enthusiasts at the tack shop and feed store, but you’ll likely find them in droves at breed-specific shows. Find out what newspapers and magazines your potential customers read as well.

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