New Horse Book Racing to Heaven

Racing to Heaven The horses in this book go galloping through the pages, as they display great athleticism. But do they really leap over fences that are treacherously high or race at breakneck speed towards the finish line? Or, are they simply the product of the narrator’s vivid imagination? Teen age girls like here are, after all, prone to dramatizations. Some readers will argue for the first interpretation, while others might favor the latter. But those who simply enjoy the read will probably be selecting the best option. A little bit about the book author: Harriet Tramer has spent more years than she might care to remember working as both a journalist and a college instructor. Most recently, she has taken her journalist ventures on line, having her own blog And she has also been doing a radio show on bbsradio entitled “Reaching for the Gold.” This program deals with aging, but that term is interpreted as broadly as possibly to create a wide interest. This book – Racing to Heaven – represents her first major foray into fiction writing. However, she has also written a text – Rounding the Circle of Love: Growing Up As She Grows Old […]
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