Are You Cribbing Me?

Horse Cribbing Info

Guest Article By Derek Bringewatt

I will never forget that cool spring morning I sauntered out to our horse barn and as I slowly opened the old rickety wood barn door, I was greeted by our three horses. Once I was inside I noticed two of our horses standing together, my eyes quickly scanned the empty stall but only found boards that had been pulled down, just laying in the stall. As I stood there, I pondered the thought of how this could happen? After examination of the boards, noticing the teeth marks and indents, it became clear that cribbing was the culprit. As I proceeded to let our horses out to pasture it was then that I shook my head and thought  to myself…. Are You Cribbing Me???

Horse Cribbing Info
Horse Cribbing Info

What is cribbing you ask? Cribbing is when a horse uses their incisor teeth to bite on a fixed object, arches their neck, then inhales or exhales making a grunting type of noise. Cribbing affects about 5 percent of horses. That 5 percent equals almost a quarter of a million cribbing horses in the United States alone! Horses that crib have been known to crib for 15 to 65 percent of a typical day.

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The Best Mobile Apps for Horse Lovers

Introducing 5 innovative technologies for equestrians

As horse professionals, you know that the business of horses can be an incredibly challenging one. Regardless of if you’re a sporting equestrian, an animal care provider, or for the personal satisfaction and love that’s created from bonding with such a majestic animal, there are several smart phone applications—for the iPhone, Android, and even the—that are horse-friendly, fun, educational, and even life-saving!

Here are the best mobile applications for horse lovers:

1. Equine AcuPoints ($14.99 – for iPhone)

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