Dressage Horse Story from For the Love of the Horse by Ann Jamieson

Padré He is the “ultimate underdog.”  When the stunning stallion with his bright dun coat and waves of silky black tresses was named Reserve Champion Stallion at Dressage at Devon in 2010, he confounded onlookers curious about his origins. German riding pony?  Lusitano?  Andalusian?  Welsh cob? Nobody guessed correctly. Padré is an American Mustang. And …

The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook now available

A Holistic Approach: Human Dynamics meets Horse in “The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook” Written by The Confident Equestrian Coach, Cathy Rivers Olympia, WA., May 1, 2012 – Nationally known equestrian confidence coach Cathy Rivers, as part of her Big Horse Dreams, The Confident Equestrian Program, has designed a new e-Workbook that provides a proven learning progression …

Book BROKEN A Love Story By Lisa Jones

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A Journalist Rediscovers Herself With The Help Of A Native American Community And A Quadriplegic Man Who Can Gentle The Horses Even The Toughest Cowboys Can’t Break

BROKEN ~ A Love Story

Horses, Humans, and Redemption on the Wind River Indian Reservation
By Lisa Jones