New Horse Book about Wild Mustangs for Young Readers

Book cover of Meetting of the Mustangs

Meet Your Next Favorite Mustang!

Book cover of Meeting of the Mustangs
Book cover of Meeting of the Mustangs

Award-winning author, Cathy Kennedy, invites you to share the story of the wild mustangs and how one special horse stands out from the herd. Cathy’s story, Meeting of the Mustangs, is the result of years of careful thought and will inspire animal lovers of all ages. She actually began writing this tale when she was quite young and reworked and completed it decades later.

Readers will be taken from their everyday routines and propelled into the lives of these time-tested national treasures. Crossing the finish line at the perfect length for younger readers, this story will also capture the hearts and minds of their moms and dads. Some may be compelled to wonder whether karma really does exist. Continue reading “New Horse Book about Wild Mustangs for Young Readers”

New Book Riding Horseback in Purple

Riding Horseback in Purple Book
Riding Horseback in Purple Book
Riding Horseback in Purple Book

Riding Horseback in Purple: Re-Awakening the Dream of Owning a Horse

Are you thinking of getting your first horse, or your first horse in many years? Or are you a coach, trainer, breeder or rescue center manager who wants to support your clients as they become more knowledgeable about horse ownership?  If so, this newly published book may be helpful.

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Horse skills serves book author well in the publishing world

Killarney Sheffield - Book Author

Hi, my name is Killarney Sheffield. Some of you might know me as a former natural horsemanship trainer, barefoot farrier or riding coach and breeder of Appendix horses. I suppose I am still that person deep down inside and yes, I still breed a few horses and mess around in the equine world, but things changed for me a few years ago. It all started innocently enough.

One day I was doing my, as my husband calls, it ‘horse thing’ and the next day I was sitting at the doctor’s office learning I had cervical cancer. The big ‘C’ word strikes fear in all us women, doesn’t it? I thought my world was falling apart. During this time I was writing the odd article for a local newspaper. The editor called me up one day asking for an article on horse slaughter in Canada and the effects of the flood of American horses on the Canadian market. He mentioned he loved my articles because he felt they were well written and needed little editing. That was a great boost to my flailing ego. He went on to say that I should write a novel one day, it’d be sure to get published.

Killarney Sheffield - Book Author
Killarney Sheffield – Book Author

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Dressage Horse Story from For the Love of the Horse by Ann Jamieson


He is the “ultimate underdog.”  When the stunning stallion with his bright dun coat and waves of silky black tresses was named Reserve Champion Stallion at Dressage at Devon in 2010, he confounded onlookers curious about his origins. German riding pony?  Lusitano?  Andalusian?  Welsh cob? Nobody guessed correctly.

Padré is an American Mustang.

And yes, it was the first time in history that a Mustang qualified for, and competed at, Devon.

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The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook now available

A Holistic Approach: Human Dynamics meets Horse in “The Confident Equestrian e-Workbook”
Written by The Confident Equestrian Coach, Cathy Rivers

Olympia, WA., May 1, 2012 – Nationally known equestrian confidence coach Cathy Rivers, as part of her Big Horse Dreams, The Confident Equestrian Program, has designed a new e-Workbook that provides a proven learning progression for mastering confidence skills in order to improve your training, riding, competing, communication and overall enjoyment of your partnership with your horse.

NEW! The Confident Equestrian Workbook

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Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told New Book

Edited by Stephen Brennan


What is it about cowboys that intrigue us? “Does he have a secret? Don’t we all?” asks Stephen Brennan in his introduction to The Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told (October 2011). “On balance, he’s a good man. And so we all reckon ourselves to be.” Explore this hearty collection of stories, each of which captures a different aspect of what it means to be a cowboy—the romance, the risk, the loneliness, and the spirit of adventure. Live the danger and the drama, experience the pride and the sheer fun. Get to know what the cowboy life is really like, and be swept away by these stories of adventure out in the open country.

The Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told continues the long tradition of American fascination with all things Wild West and cowboy-related. By bringing a variety of beloved names in cowboy literature together in one place, Brennan guarantees there will be a story for everyone in this collection:

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Horses and Books, treasures that pleasures

horse books

Horses and books in my mailbox; what a delight!

It is not often that I experience excitement at the opening of my mailbox. But this morning as I pulled out the mail I caught sight of an image of a cowgirl* astride a brown horse with three wild horses running before her – a bay, a black, and a dappled gray. Yes, the sight of horses, inked on paper, can make my heart beat faster. I didn’t name my site, A Love for Horses, for nothing.

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