Help Your Horse Transition To Barefooted Comfortably

Vettec’s Sole-Guard Helps Horses Comfortably Transition to Unshod Fast-Setting Hoof Protectant Provides Durable, Shock Absorbent Support for Pregnant Mares OXNARD, CALIF. – MAR. 18, 2015 – As horses enter breeding season this spring, pregnant mares become less active while bearing extra weight from pregnancy. Tab Pigg, Vettec’s Farrier-at-Large, recommends that farriers and horse owners remove horseshoes during pregnancy and use pour-in pad materials during the time period without shoes. Vettec’s Sole-Guard product helps serve as a transitional material when going from shod to unshod hooves by providing extra support as the hooves acclimate to barefoot. Sole-Guard is a fast-setting, liquid urethane pour-in pad material providing durable support that retains its shape and flexibility indefinitely. It is designed for use without shoes and adheres to the sole sealing out moisture and debris, protecting both the frog and the sole. Sole-Guard stays bonded to the feet for 2-3 weeks when applied properly. “In comparison to humans, pregnancy for horses is like balancing all of a body’s weight on only fingernails.” Pigg adds. “Using a pour-in pad material like Vettec’s Sole-Guard, is a great way to acclimate horses from shod to unshod at any time of the year, but especially during pregnancy.” Sole-Guard […]
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FREE Article and Preview Issue of The Horse’s Hoof Magazine

The Horse’s Hoof Magazine Winter 2014-Issue 53 was released on January 1st! This is just a quick post to make sure that you know about it. The link to log in is right on our main site at (at the top, or on the left bar), or the direct link is: After you log in, make sure to post on the Go Team Barefoot! Forum, and visit frequently! Also, we’ve got a couple of FREE bonuses for you to share with your friends! This first one is a FREE feature article from this new issue, “Surviving a Coffin Bone Rotation… at 28!” by Jen McGeehan Next, we have released the entire THH Issue 50 free for everyone to read, it is our new FREE Preview Issue! This is one of our most requested issues, and includes the 50th Issue Retrospective with 15 famous barefooters, and A Timeline of the Barefoot Movement, and so much more. Please send these links on to anyone that you think might be interested. Happy hooves & “Go Team Barefoot!” Thanks, Yvonne — Yvonne Welz, Editor editor @ The Horse’s Hoof P.O. Box 40 * Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 Phone: 1-877-594-3365 […]
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