Now you can have full color flyers printed from your Microsoft Word DOC files.

My sister’s boss asked her to make and order two different flyers for an upcoming business event. She had ordered color copies from a fast copy place before, but she thought she might be able to find a better price on the Internet because she wanted to order about 250 copies of each flyer design.

She did a quick search on google and found National Color Copy Their advertised price of only $.15 per color copy grabbed her attention.

She, like most small businesses, didn’t have any fancy design software on her computer so she designed their two business flyers in Microsoft Word. But most printing companies will not take and print from a Microsoft Word document. On the National Color Copy website they state that they accept files from most Mac or PC programs. I called them and they said they can work from Microsoft Word documents.

This is good news for a lot of start up businesses that need advertisement flyers printed but really cannot afford the cost of a professional designer or the cost of the design software. Nor do they have the time to learn new software.

My sister came to me to check over her flyer designs add a couple more photos to one. Since she was in a rush and already had the flyers designed in Microsoft Word I just added the extra photos. This is one spot were many people go wrong. They insert a tiny photos and then try to make them larger in MS word. This just will not print out well. Adjust your images to the right size before you insert them into your MS word doc. Save your images at 300 dots per inch and whatever inches wide you need them so they will print out nice and clear.

For handling images I like the popular image viewer, Irfanview. It makes resizing images and adjusting their colors easy.

Right from the National Color Copy site I was able to upload to the DOC files. My sister then called and placed the order over the phone. She ordered 2/250 copies for a total of 500 color copies. She ordered them on 3-27-2007 and they arrived in the mail on 4-2-2007 (Fast – 5 business days).

She went with the 80# glossy paper stock that really made the colors in photos look great and the heavy paper made the flyers feel wonderful. Her total bill for the 500 full color copies was $119.95 and she and her boss are both pleased.

I usually tell all my horse logo clients to self print their full color company letterheads because of the high cost of printing them at most print shops, but now if they need more then a few sheets at a time I will recommend National Color Copy. They also have several paper choices. But don’t go with the glossy paper for letterheads because it would be hard to type or print on.

If you need to send design files to a print shop that will not accept Microsoft Word Documents then you can turn your DOC files into PDF files with PDF creation software (see resources below).

Quick Flyer Design Tips:

Don’t the use of all caps, because this makes your text harder to read. Your purpose is to communicate clearly and quickly.

If your flyer is to be seen hung from a bulletin board then make sure to use text that is large enough to draw attention from a distance.


Design Help

Design Principles and Examples Learn effective design guidelines such as contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and simplicity.

Business templates & images – brochures, flyers & newsletters

Microsoft Word Templates

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National Color Copy Full color copies at great prices.
10% discount available to non-profit charitable organizations.

Irfanview Image viewer/editor (and so much more)

PhotoEdit995 allows you to create or edit graphic images, retouch photographs, and perform other alterations on image files including jpeg, gif, tiff, and Photoshop psd. When used with the free Photo Edit graphics module, it is a professional image editing solution whose capabilities rival those of similar programs. It offers you access to an assortment of painting tools; layers and channels, with support for transparency; gradients and blends; transformations such as rotation and scaling; masking;a variety of selection tools; and more. It works with multiple file formats and is Photoshop compatible.

Pdf995 and pdfEdit995 PDF creation software: Free and paid versions.
The free versions will display a sponsor page in your web browser each time you run it.

PDF Image Resolution: Users may specify the image resolution for PDF files created by pdf995. The default is High. Low and medium settings can reduce PDF file size. The Pdf995 output color space may be specified. Choices are RGB (default) and CMYK. (Note that for the fliers I used the default settings.)


  1. Roe, Thanks for the info about!

    I looked over the site and if you are ordering 1000 or more copies you will want to check them out.

    They also have a page on their site with good info about PDF files and about a Free plugin for Office or Word 2007 that will make PDF files directly from Word.

    On this same page is a list of website where you can go to convert your file to a PDF file.

  2. Sounds like a decent deal, but at you can get those color copies as low as 5 cents a piece. And most of the orders are delivered within a couple business days. So if you liked National, give a whirl a next time, you won’t be disappointed.

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