Stolen Horse Statue $50,000 Reward

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Someone stole a one ton, twelve foot bronze horse statue

Stealing this one ton horse could not have been easy to do, but it is amazing the amount of live horses that people also steal! Stealing a horse is not like snatching a small item that you can shove in a bag or even fit in the back of your van. You can read the full news article — $50,000 reward offered for horse statue (sorry that page is gone now)

News Update: Arrest made in stolen horse statue case
Jul 20, 2008 … Police say a bronze horse statue stolen from a now-defunct New Jersey racetrack has been broken up and sold to a salvage yard for a fraction of its value. …

It is so sad that many people’s stolen horses end up sold for slaughter.

Please protect your horses, tack, and property

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