horse music cd

It isn’t easy finding songs specially for horse people

But I hit the jack pot with Mary Ann Kennedy’s music

Have you finished your Christmas shopping for your horse loving friends and family? If not you still have time to order Mary Ann’s music CD’s, ‚ÄúHoofbeats, Heartbeats and Wings‚Äù and ‚ÄúThe Trail Less Traveled‚Äú. Mary is having a holiday sale of 30% off when you purchase more than one copy of either CD album by December 31, 2007.

I ordered both of these CDs last year during her holiday sale. I can’t tell you which one I love the best as I adore them both equally. Both have wonderful songs that will touch the heart of any horse lover.

David Lichman of posted this video on youtube.
Songs by Mary Ann Kennedy – “They demand so little, they give so much” “You can do it, too, if you put your heart in your hands…”

Freestyle dancing miniature horses

Video by Peggy Hogan of the website “The Best Whisper is a Cick” Song in video, “Gotta go feed the horses” by Mary Ann Kennedy.

For more info please read my past posting on this music sale.

P.S. I don’t get a cut of her music sales. I am just a fan of her special music and think that once you hear some you will be her next fan.

Horse business tip:

I posted Peggy’s video and a link to her horse business site after she left a comment on my blog. Are you reading and leaving comments on this and other horse blogs? If not you are missing out on chances of leading more people to discover your business and website. But be warned: bloggers don’t want spam. You have to leave helpful comments that relate to the blog postings. Have fun and spread the news of your business at the same time.

I discovered Mary Ann’s music on the Parelli horse training shows on RFD TV and while looking for some youtube videos of her music I found David Lichman’s videos and checked out his website. So post videos on to lead more people to your website and equine business.

If you have a video on youtube with Mary Ann Kennedy’s music in it leave a comment with a link to the video. Thanks!


  1. IM SAD

    By Jamae Dollison

    I am nine years old. I live in Ada, Ok. I help a lady that runs a place called
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    I like all horses and I wish I could help them all.There are only a few that
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    Violence, and child abuse, there is also animal abuse. My favorite horse is
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    Tribes and our heritage are too. Yes, there are those that are fighting to keep it
    alive, but not enough. If I had a horse I would not hurt or abuse it. I would take
    good care of it and never abandon it. If I could, I would get them all and raise
    them all. If I can save one and then pass it on, perhaps we can save our
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    hearts of this beautiful horse .
    Will you help me in my quest??? MY Quest is to own one and for each of you to
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    Will you please donate so these animals will have home.

  2. There is a song that I can remember hearing when I would go to horse shows back in the 70’s something about “I got a 10 dollar ring and I feel like a king on my Tennessee Walking Horse”. Do you know how I could possible find the name and lyrics to this song. Thank you

    1. Dianna,

      Did you ever find the song? I Googled for it and found only your post.

      I remember most of the song, but can’t fill in some holes.



  3. Yeah, definitely check out TEMPLETON THOMPSON’S music. Her “Girls and Horses” CD is all about horses, but ALL of her CDs have a horse theme in a song or two….especially her latest CD “Life on Planet Cowgirl”. She’s AWESOME!

  4. If you guys want a great horse sone, there is one called “Girls and Horses” by Templeton Thompson. That song brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it.

  5. Hey Joni and friends,
    Would just like to say thanks to all who watched my video set to Mary Ann’s song “Gotta Go Feed the Horses.” You’re right, I DID obtain permission to use her music directly from her. This is really important.

    BTW, I have posted other fun videos with her music as well. The latest is “Minis with a wild side.”
    Peggy Hogan

  6. Dear James,

    I went and checked out your horse song, “Freedom With The Wind”.

    I can never get enough songs with horses in it. So I want to thank you for letting me know about your new song about a horse.

    Lovely song so filled with gentle love. We all need more sweet music in our hurried days. I wish you the best with your music and please consider making more songs about horses. Thank you!

    Freedom With The Wind by James B. Graham

  7. >…I do hope more of you will place videos out here to share with all of us, incorporating Mary Ann’s music with it…

    Yes, but do it the right way…

    Please contact the artist/singer first before using their song(s) in a video and get their permission. Then once you have their go ahead then please remember to post a thank you and info about the singer/song with the video posting. A link to their website would be welcome too.

    Please consider adding a credit title shot/image with the title of the song and the singer/writer at the end of the video.

    This is the right way to use others work in your work.

    Live the golden rule and care and share. Thank you!

  8. Coffee in hand, I checked out these musical videos this morning prior to working. What a way to start a day and put a smile on your face! This music, written by Mary Ann Kennedy, captures the essence of the joy, the love, and all the work and understanding that goes into communication with these animals..our animanls…our friends. It has been truly inspirational and I do hope more of you will place videos out here to share with all of us, incorporating Mary Ann’s music with it, which is timeless, and full of unconditional love for these animals and animal lovers everywhere!! Thank you Videographers! Keep ’em coming!

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