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Small Business Resource Guide CD by the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service puts out an Interactive CD-ROM for small business owners or people considering starting a business. The resource CD has the information you need to manage a business with topics ranging from starting a business to option plans for retirement. Packed with tax info about tax laws, tax forms, law changes and more. Link list to many other government agencies, associations, and organizations.

It is to your business’ benefit to gain knowledge in these areas and learn about tax law changes that could impact your small business.

Oder this free business resource today: The Small Business Resource Guide CD-ROM

On the same IRS website you can find…

Small Business/Self-Employed Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop

It is ten lessons and an introduction to help small business owners (new and existing businesses) understand and meet their tax obligations. You can these video lessons online of download them to your computer.

The ten video lessons cover:

  1. Federal Taxes and your new business
  2. Set up and run your business so paying taxes isn’t a hassle
  3. How to file and pay your taxes using a computer, including Sole Proprietors
  4. …including Partnerships
    …including Corporations
    …including Charities/Non-profits
  5. Running your business out of your home
  6. How to set up a retirement plan for yourself and your employees
  7. What you need to know about federal taxes when hiring employees/contractors
  8. How to manage payroll so you withhold the right amount from employees
  9. Salaries paid to Indian tribal council members
    Payments to ministers
    Employees of non-profit organizations
  10. How to make tax deposits and file your payroll taxes using a computer
  11. What you need to know about Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)
  12. Where to go and who to ask when you need help.

OK so here are the links again to the two free tax business resources…

  1. The Small Business Resource Guide CD-ROM
  2. Small Business/Self-Employed Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop Online Classroom

IRS site order page: Small Business Products Online Ordering

A successful business depends on many things and one of the big ones is keeping good bookkeeping records and paying your taxes correctly. If you are like me and you HATE all this number work, please hire someone that is really good at it. But you still have to know enough to know if they are doing a good job for you are not. So order these and learn more about these important tax issues.

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