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Now you can use your voice to work more effectively

Horse people are busy people. You have your business / job, family, and horses to deal with each day. Anything that can make your overflowing day easier is a good thing. I found that most of us can talk faster than we can type or write and it doesn’t take two hands to talk so you can be doing other things like driving a car, riding a horse, or mucking a stall while you talk. So how would you like to be able send email messages, add a posting to your blog, or capture your brilliant ideas while it is still fresh in your mind while you are working or driving? What am I talking about? Well I just discovered two websites that help you get more done faster and easier through the use of your voice.

Jott – voice-to-text transcription services

You sign up for the Jott service at their site and then you can use your cell phone to send yourself messages that are transcribed into text and made into an audio file that is emailed back to you. You can also use Jott to send emails or text messages to friends, family, or all of your horse business clients. Now you can be on the road to a horse show and still staying up with your email replies, blog postings or or send messages to Twitter.

Jott youtube video

Another video: Jott: Email, Blog, Twitter straight from a voice call

While you are on the road you can use Jott to send yourself notes on business expenses. Jott gives you the ability to automatically create Google Calendar entries / appointments by phone. You can also use Jott to add to your Toodled to-do list or make reminders. New ways to use Jott are continuing to pop up so please go check out their site for the full up to date info of what you can do with Jott.

Don’t worry about the security of the cell phone numbers Jott doesn’t give them to anybody and Jott doesn’t have an online directory.

To get the best use from Jott it is best to use a hands-free Bluetooth headset so you can keep both hands free and busy working or driving.

EVOCA – use your voice to spread news

Evoca is a web based service where you can use your phone to create, organize, share, and search voice audio recordings. You can use Evoca to add your voice to your website or blog. You can record info about your horses for sale or your product of service and post it on your website. Produce and listen to podcasts; dictate, transcribe, and translate; and more.

If you have a horse business site you can offer your your customers an easy way to record their comments, reviews, and testimonials right from your web page – it lets them call your website from any phone – landline, mobile, and Skype‚Ñ¢. Then you can post the contents you choose online with branded Flash players.

Why add audios to your business site?

Because the human voice has power and appeal! It feels more real than just reading the words on the page – it adds more authenticity to your message. Use your audios to inform and educate from your heart about your business passion. When people listen to your voice they begin to feel more familiar with you and your company. Your audios can help possible clients learn about what you and your company do or sell. They can cause others to perceive you and your company as an expert in your field.

You want your audios to help prospects believe that your company understand his or her specific issues and can solve them – become a trusted adviser. Your recored voice can cause people to start to like and trust you enough to want to work with you. The bottom line is that the sound of the human voice can help you will gain more sales.

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Evoca youtube video

Here is another youtube video: Evoca and Online Audio and Podcasting This is a screencast tutorial made by Julie Lindsay showing how to use Evoca to record and upload audio for online sharing and podcasting.

Here is a blog posting EVOCA – The newest technology to use your voice and spread news.

So work smarter and faster with your voice!

Even if you don’t have a cell phone (OK, I admit it, I don’t have a cell phone yet) you still can use your voice to help your business run smoother. I use a small portable digital audio recorder on my daily walks with my dogs. This way I can record my ideas when the ideas seem to be flowing well. It works so much better than carrying a pen and pad and trying to write while walking or running. I can upload my audio file to my computer later and listen while I type notes. But Jott sounds like it would be easier as it does does typing for me from the audio.

If you use these services to help your business or life please leave a comment about them below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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