When internet business owners create their websites, they try to optimize their page contents, aiming to drive traffic to it. That is why they look for suitable effective keywords, which help their websites to become highly ranked in the search engines. But it is not so easy, as it seems. Google checks everything very thoroughly, and if your content isn’t pithy and relevant to the public, you won’t reach top results. I offer you a few tips, which can help to optimize your page content.



Page must be neither too long nor too short. Don’t use more than 1000 words, not less 500. If the content is small in size, there is a great risk in not satisfying the public’s demands. Many questions won’t be answered in full. If it is too long, users can flounder in the flow of information. Besides, it is very tediously to read long strings of texts and it takes time to extract its meanings. That is why you should find a middle ground in order to tickle the public’s fancy.

Repeat primary and secondary keywords a few times in your content. Primary words should be repeated more often than secondary ones. These things help to make the content more relevant, but you also don’t want to over do the amount of keyword you put in your text.

Use your primary keywords in the title, in the first sentence, and in the last sentence. With keywords in the title you have more chances of seeing your page rank higher in the search engines. If you locate primary keywords in the first sentence, you get people acquainted with the main topic of the content. When you use them in the last sentence, you remind readers what they read before. This is an effective method to get good results.

Use at least one image in your post. People are not eager to read dull and boring texts. Their eyes should be caught with interesting and colorful content. Put in the pictures, which are relevant to the primary keywords. Don’t use many of them. One or two images are enough for one post.

Of course, it is necessary to use primary keywords in the website’s URL, because your ranking directly depends on it. Don’t turn your URL into a long and difficult sentence. If somebody needs to remember it, he shouldn’t face difficulties.



Also place your keywords in the page’s meta description as this is the text that will attract the public’s eye and a good description helps you achieve more people clicking onto your page.

Meta tags. They are located in the web page’s HTML code. These tags increase their self- efficiency in some cases, and it is good to use your primary keywords in them. Sometimes the search engines look through these tags to find out what keywords represent your content.

If you like to figure out the appropriate keywords, you should find the relevant words to your post, for example. So if the title is “ The top ten of the best luxurious hotels in Europe”, you must choose such keywords as “the best hotels in Europe”.

Besides, if you are eager to know, what the best and actual keywords are, consult the Google’s Keyword Search Tool. You will find a useful information there.
Also remember, that one primary keyword must be written in bold or italicized in the content.

No doubt, if you want to have success in the optimization of your page, you need take some time and effort. Nowadays there are many competitors at the market, and if you are eager to be competitive, you must work hard. I hope my tips will help you. Good luck!

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