Rose Horse Graphic Queen of the carousel horses

Artist paint it, photographers shoot it, kids love it, and horse and art lovers admirer its form and beauty. The American Beauty Rose horse is maybe the most photographed of all carousel horses. Being that there are only three know to existence and each a bit different they are now estimated at over $150,000 each.

Photo of Carousel Horse

The horse has been and continues to be the most popular carousel animal.
Most people have fond memories of riding a lovely wooden horse while flying around in a large circle with music. I know that I LOVED riding these wooden horses when I was a child and still do.

Photos of Horse Carousels

Photo example of an American Beauty Horse An other photo example of an American Beauty Horse

The American Beauty Rose carousel horse was carved around 1925-1927 as the lead horse for MC Illions’ last and finest carousel made.

Wood carvers try to replicate its hand carved beauty: Hand Carved Carousel Horses (& More) on Consignment

History of the Carousel
Carousel Related Art & Posters


  1. Royal Caribbean is to Launch the World’s Largest Ship in Late 2009 –

    The Oasis of the Seas will have a one-of-a-kind and first-ever at sea carousel, the centerpiece of Boardwalk.

    Specially hand-crafted for Royal Caribbean from poplar wood, the full-sized, traditional carousel will take six to eight months to complete. It will feature 21 figures suspended from stainless steel poles, showcasing a time-honored menagerie of animals including a variety of hand-painted horses, including a princess horse.

    The lead horse, customarily the fanciest horse of the carousel, will be adorned with Royal Caribbean logos, while a single chariot will serve as a stationary seat for two. The frame of the carousel will have a red and golden yellow facade, turn-of-the-century artwork scenery panels, and LED lights that twinkle during the day and night.

    Sound like it will be a wonder to behold. I would love to see it in person or even just some good photos and video of this new sea carousel.

    Leave a comment if you know where on the Internet we can go see photos of it under construction or when it is finished.

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