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Enhance your horse’s stride with beads and bells.

Rhythm Beads — musical jewelry for horses

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Many people are using Rhythm Beads to improve performance by enhancing their horse’s stride rhythm. At RhythmBeads.com we have gone an extra step by adding several sets of specialty Rhythm Beads that combine the light melody of the bells with color therapies to bring yet more benefits to both horse and rider. Rhythm Beads can be used while doing ground work as well as while riding.

Music smooths and comforts both horse and rider

Rhythm Beads are more than merely a fun, colorful necklace for your horse! A set of our Natural Horsemanship Rhythm Beads will quite often have a very calming effect for both horse and rider! The soft and rhythmic jingle of the bells helps to eliminate outside distractions that might startle and spook your horse, while at the same time providing a soft rhythm that frequently helps the horse to move into a more even and consistent gait! This same soft rhythm has been very beneficial to many riders that might be having a little difficulty keeping their own movements coordinated with those of their horse. What a terrific aid for someone practicing for the show ring!

What is old is new again…

Rhythm Beads are not new to the horse scene. The Native Americans would adorn their horses with beads, shells, feathers, etc. It was believed that these adornments held great powers that would keep a horse and his rider safe during times of danger as well as assisting them in moving as one. The various decorations placed on a horse during those early days would also show a tribe member’s rank in the tribe. The beads, shells, feathers, etc. did not come easy ~ they had to be earned! The beauty of these horse and rider teams is undeniable!

Jewelery necklace sure to charm…

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In more modern times, the gaming horse has shown lots of benefits from wearing his Rhythm Beads. Besides the above listed calming effects, a lot of barrel racers have sworn that while wearing their Rhythm Beads their horse seems to be much more focused ~ and even pushes himself to a bit faster pace! Everyone who follows barrel racing knows the importance of getting that extra second knocked off of your time! Plus, you are sure to become the crowd favorite as all eyes are drawn to the horse with the beautiful “necklace”! Now, who wouldn’t love that kind of attention. I know my horse loves to ham it up ~ and I bet yours does too!

There is another tremendous benefit to using your Rhythm Beads if you are a trail rider. The soft jingle of the bells will provide just enough noise to announce your arrival to the local critters. No more surprises ~ And one less reason for your horse to be tense and on edge! Trail riding should be fun for both horse and rider ~ and Rhythm Beads help to ensure that everyone has a good time!

Rhythm Beads have become popular in the sport of Endurance Riding in the past few years. These horse & rider teams are traveling long distances and the calming & relaxing benefits of the Rhythm Beads are very welcomed! Another very appreciated bonus in the use of Rhythm Beads while Endurance Riding/Training is that the continued jingle of the bells has been very helpful in keeping both the horse and rider more focused on such a long ride.

Recently I have learned that there has been yet another group of equine enthusiasts that are discovering the many benefits of using Rhythm Beads with their horses! This group consists of those riders and trainers that work with the Gaited Horses. Those in the Gaited Horse Communities have been noticing that the addition of the bells has seemed to encourage their Gaited Horses to accentuate their gaits even more than usual! Many have commented that it is almost like their horse is enjoying the rhythm of the bells and really getting into the musical rhythm that they are producing!

Whether you choose to study the various colors and their assumed influences, or you just want to match up colors to some of your other horse tack ~ the important thing to remember is to have fun with your horse! Keep life interesting and enjoyable for both of you!

The feedback I continue to receive from people who are finding great benefits as well as having lots of fun with their new Rhythm Beads is amazing! Endurance Horses are finding a renewed joy in “going the distance”, Barrel Racers are shaving off a bit more time, Rescued Horses are learning to hold their heads high once again, Gaited Horses are stepping a bit higher in their gaits, etc., etc., etc. I never tire of hearing the stories of how a horse seems to be enjoying the ability to produce his own bit of melody in the world! Rhythm Beads have been riding in parades from one end of this country to the other! How awesome is that!

Let me share with you just a few of the wonderful photos sent to us by some of our customers. I hope you will visit us at RhythmBeads.com to see more great photos, lots of testimonials, and explore the many items in our “store”!

P.S. Here is a photo of my pony, Diablo, wearing his Rhythm Beads. Isn’t he cute?

Rhythm Beads - musical jewelry for horses on my pony, Diablo

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