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Recycle your unwanted gifts and help horses

Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. is helping community members extend the holiday spirit through re-gifting. Turn your unwanted presents into a tax deduction for yourself and an auction item for Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc.

Our rescue is looking for recycled presents to help our ‚Äúrecycled‚Äù horses and foals. We all receive presents from well-meaning neighbors and family members which are just not an item we like or can use. Whether it’s a picture frame, a lighted water fountain with soothing sounds that just doesn‚Äôt match your d√©cor or a sweater the wrong size and color, we all get items that aren’t right for us. Instead of letting those items clutter your home or be shoved to the back of your closets, Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. invites you to turn them into a tax deduction!

Foal for Adoption
Foal for Adoption at Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue You can be helping him!

Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. accepts re-gifting items throughout the year at our facility, located at 310 Ruel Road Magnolia, Texas 77355, but acting now and donating items by December 31st will help out with your 2007 tax deductions!

Mare and FoalPhotograph by Virenda Nyberg of Ormond Beach, FL., send comments and questions about photo to vnyberg @

The gifts will be used as auction items for Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc.’s upcoming events in 2008. The money raised from these fundraising events goes directly to the benefit of the horses that we care for each year. The cost of farrier and medical care is often the greatest factor for some horses, but feed, hay and electricity are also needed in the day-to-day operations at the rescue. Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. takes on several fundraising projects each year to make ends meet, including the our Recycling Program for used cell phones, ink jet and toner cartridges.

Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc. is a non-salaried, 501c3 equine rescue committed to reducing the suffering and senseless slaughter of orphaned foals and unwanted and/or neglected equine in the United States.

For additional information on our rescue and birthday/holiday donations, please contact: Marian Mastin @ 281-356-6644 or send emails to mmastin (at)

Note from Joni Solis: Have you raise a foal? Then I am sure you have a few outgrown horse sheets, horse halters, and horse blankets that you could send to Adopt A Foal. Or maybe your horse book collection is just a bit much for your bookshelves now; send them too.

Marian Mastin saves horses and foals the are bound for horse slaughter so please help and give. Thank you!

Mail items to:

Adopt-A-Foal & Equine Rescue, Inc.
310 Ruel Road
Magnolia, Texas 77355

Adopt a Horse – Check out Petfinder for your next horse

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  1. i think this is great what you are doing for this animals you are giving them a second chance to live that the best you can do for them

  2. I am a supporter of protecting animals, especially horse. When I was young, I played with horse and grown up with them. They are sometimes very cute, sometimes very clever and good manner. Although they can not speak our language, they can understand me very well. They know where I want to go, and even through them, I find my perfect match on That is a very wonderful journey. I will never forget it.

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