Horse Business eZine January 2007; Issue #1
Equine Business Marketing Tips for the Busy Business Owner

Eight free or low cost gifts for giving beyond the Holiday Season

Gift giving doesn’t have to end with the passing of Christmas. You can practice the act of giving all year long and reap amazing benefits in happiness, health, and even business profits. Here are a few gift ideas that are welcome at any time of the year. Give them to your clients, employees, potential customers, friends, and strangers.

Don’t worry they will not cause you the stress or the cost of Christmas gift giving.

  1. Sincere Compliments: “Thanks for being my customer”, “I really appreciate you”, “I wish all my clients were as nice to work with as you”, “You make me smile”, “I notice and appreciate the amount of effort you put into us working together effectively”. Take the time to give the precious gift of a compliment. It may be the highlight of someone’s day and it makes your feel good handing them out and it focuses you on the positive which is always a spirit lifter. It is also great for business branding because it makes your and your business more memorable.
  2. Laughter: Share funny stories, cartoons, movies, and sayings. Laughing is healing and just plain fun. Consider adding a humor page on your web site or in your newsletter. Don’t have a web site or a newsletter? Then add these to your business planning pages.
  3. Listening: This is a true art when done right because you have to calm your rushing mind and pull it off your reply, stop your daydreaming, resist interrupting, and focus on what is being said. Sort of like rubbing your belly while chewing gum and hoping on one foot. But people really appreciate when you are giving them your undivided attention and you just might discover some important things by listening. So few people really listen correctly that if you do you will make a great impression and people like to purchase from people they like.
  4. A Handwritten Note: Simple and short, or long and meaningful. The simple act of writing a note to someone means even more now with text messages and emails be the normal way people receive messages on a day to day bases. Don’t know what to write? Try handwriting the lyrics or a song or a poem (or just part of one) that puts into words what you wish you could say in your own words. Even bullet points of the things you like about that person can end up being cherished for a lifetime.
  5. A Cheerful Attitude: Look for the positive in all situations and make the best of whatever comes your way. Don’t cry over spilt milk – once it is on the ground let it soak in and disappear and move on. Smiles really are catching and help you and everyone else feel better. Be free with your kind words and gestures. People prefer to do business with pleasant people.
  6. Random Acts of Kindness: From time to time you could tack up your lesson horses and give your riding students a few more precious minutes in the saddle. Or have a drawing for a discount on the month’s boarding fee. Fed up for someone running late, surprise someone with a small gift or card, give a sample of your product, recognize someone good work or improvement with a plaque or a write up on your web site or web log.
  7. See the Halo: Practice the art of seeing people in the best light. Catch them doing something right and let them know that you appreciate it or notice and like it. Even a grumpy person smiles from time to time — this is the time to show them positive attention. If someone give an extra effort notice it and reward it. Start to tune into all the kind, helpful, thoughtful, selfless acts that too often go unnoticed. Once you are on the lookout for the positive acts and award them you will see them multiply.
  8. Positive Attention and Affection: Give out pats on the back, hand shaking, smiles, the OK sign, applause/clapping, and cheerful thank yous. Demonstrate your pleasure for someone’s kindness, good idea, or good work.

Business Panning Calendar

I know many people will read this and agree with it but then life takes over and it is forgotten and not put into use. So right now print out this page and then cut out each
of the eight gift ideas and tack them randomly on your large yearly calendar.

Don’t have a-year-at-a-glance-calendar? Rush to the office store and buy one or better yet save gas and order one online. Or do what I do and print out twelve sheets of paper with each month’s calendar and tack them up in a group of four across and three down on your office wall.

Why do you need to see the whole year at one time? Because then you can have your goals and plans in a visual form that you can see every day. Also you can now focus on what you want and put the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Learn more about the Law of Attraction For Equestrians Teleseminar with C.J. Gilbert

Once you have your business calendar up make your mark:

Mark all the years events: horse shows, horse sales, horse expos, horse clinics, trail rides, special events, ad deadlines, etc…

Also mark all the stuff that needs to be done to keep your horses or your horse business healthy: vet exams, de-wormings, bookkeeping, taxes, etc…

Don’t forget to add the gift giving ideas to the calendar and then put them into practice!

Happy gift giving all year long! The really great thing about these gifts is that they give back to you in many ways and you will end 2007 much richer than 2006.

— end of article —

P.S. Don’t forget to send out your Happy New Year Greeting with my horse ecards and don’t stop at just the holidays send out ecards from time to time randomly.

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  1. Dear Betty, I think that I read a couple of articles and then combined their ideas into this one. There are many low cost and no cost things that business owners can do that really make a difference.

    Like having a real person answer the phone and answer the emails and blog comments.

    People want to deal with nice people that care about them.

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