Are you doing all you can to prevent a barn fire?

Barn fires are much more common than most horse people know. Please take the time to learn to help prevent them.

“Nothing is worse than a barn fire,” says Don Faison, head of equine insurance for the Markel Insurance Company, one of the country’s largest insurers. Yet by one estimate, more than 4,500 barn fires, most of them preventable, break out each year in the United States. Responsible horse owners, who are fastidious about protecting their horses from injury and illness, too often leave fire prevention entirely to chance.

“Sprinklers are incredibly effective if properly maintained, installed and inspected,” says Feissner. But, despite their good reputation, they are rarely found in boarding stables and private barns.

Preventing Barn Fires
Barn fires are horribly destructive – and usually preventable. Take action now to protect your horses and property through proper fireproofing.
By Jane L. Seegal

Most horse people know that they shouldn’t store their hay in the same barn as the horses but there are so much more you can do to help prevent a fire in your barn. Please go read the whole article, Preventing Barn Fires. Print it out, post it up, and start taking the steps necessary so you will never have to suffer the horrors of a barn fire.


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