Cholla the Horse artist in Grand National Art Show and Sale April 4th April 12th

Reno, NV artist, Cholla The Horse, has been invited to participate in the prestigious annual Grand National Art Show & Sale. More than 500 pieces of western & equestrian themed art will be displayed from over a 100 Artists From Around the World (sorry, but most will be human and not equine).

Cholla the Horse artist
Cholla the Horse artist

Youtube Video of Cholla the horse artist painting. 15,231 hits posted 7 months ago!

This show is a not-to-miss-event for the serious art collector, art gallery that is looking for artists to represent, or for the individual who wants the opportunity to see superb Western & Equestrian art. Artists from Europe, Russia, South America, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Venezuela, and all over the U.S.A. will have their work available for viewing and for purchase at the Cow Palace.

There will be a wide variety of media and styles ranging from monument sized sculptures to small pencil sketches, and prices from $90 to $110,000 at this Western/Equestrian themed art show. This will be one of the most prestigious and successful western/equestrian themed art show and sales anywhere.

Artists participate in this show on an “Invitation Only” basis. Each artist, and each piece of artwork being submitted, has been specifically selected to offer you an unparalleled selection of Western & Equestrian art. This show has been a great success for 8 years and this 9th year looks to be the most exciting, largest, and best ever.


Show Event dates: April 4th trough April 12th

Location: Cow Palace, San Francisco (Daly City), California

Description of event: Grand National Art Show and Sale. This is a world-class international art show. Renown esteemed artists from all over the world, from our neighbors in Canada, and from throughout the U.S.A. will be sending in equestrian and Western themed original pieces for display in our large gallery setting.

Discounted Hotel Suite Accommodations Available. For additional information, contact the Cow Palace in Daly City (San Francisco), U.S.A., at, Phone: 415-404-4100

Show Coordinator Deena Barton, deenabarton (at) yahoo . com (remove spaces and add @) Phone: 951-675-2944

Renee Chambers (Cholla’s Humane), Renee (at) ArtistisaHorse . com (remove spaces and add @) Phone: 951-675-2944, Nevada, USA 775-544-8106,


  1. Horse Business Marketing Tip:

    I posted this story because Renee commented on a past story I did on painting horses and let me know the latest news about her horse, Cholla, that paints.

    Too many horse business people don’t let others know what is new about their business. Send out those Press Releases and post them to your blog or website.

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