Slaughter Bound Beauties now Horse Art eCard Stars

horse ecards

Two horses headed for death saved and made into greeting cards.

I just thought that I would share with you a little background information on a couple of the horses who’s photos appear in the Horse Art eCards. Both of these horses had a rough start in life and were about to be auctioned for horse meat, but kind and loving people rescued them and they are now living the good life.

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To attract publicity you need a strong LASSO!

A lasso gives your product/service its publicity value. A lasso is whatever makes your business… U N I Q U E

Come on now, without something special to say about your business you don’t have anything news worthy. Who is interested in hearing about another business opening?

But if you can find and display the uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd then that is NEWS and you will get your F R E E publicity. Great lassos grab the media and make your attempts to gain publicity as easy as leading a hungry pony to spring grass. Continue reading “To attract publicity you need a strong LASSO!”

Ten reasons for sending Business Greeting eCards…

Greeting cards the easy way

  1. it is free, easy, fast, and fun!
  2. it’s an excellent way to display your gratitude
  3. people love attention and greeting cards
  4. you can knowledge your customers help in making your business a success!
  5. one of the best ways to express and share your warmest wishes
  6. it will keep your holiday gift giving costs down; no stamps to buy!
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Saddling your horse business with a great domain name!

Or avoiding the saddle sores of a bad web site address (URL)


First off let’s answer the FREE or pay website question. Many horse businesses post their websites on free web site hosts like Homestead, Angelfire, GeoCities, and others. They’re free, fast, and simple — so many of you say, ‘Hey, why not?’

These free sites will cost you more than you should be willing to pay in lost business generated from lost respect, lost confidence, and lost attention from your potential customers.

Why? Because most of these free sites have the look of cheap/clipart sites which make people think your horse business is just a weekend hobby that you really don’t take serious and couldn’t be bothered to advertise correctly. Your website visitors are going to question the quality of your horses quality, your horse training abilities, and/or your horse boarding facilities based on what they can see – your website’s poor quality.

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