5 Tips for Better Horse Trailer Loading

Horses are amazing creatures that fill our lives with joy, but there are times that even our love of horses isn’t enough to keep us from reaching our wit’s end with them!  A horse that’s difficult to load into a horse trailer can be frustrating, but there’s hope for them yet.  These five tips will help your next loading experience be a much better one:

1. Above all else, think like a horse.  A horse sees horse trailers as tight, dark places where they may or may not be vulnerable to unspoken dangers.  Remember that your horse has to overcome thousands of years of evolution just to step one foot inside — so be patient with him as he comes to terms with his instincts.

2. Make loading rewarding.  Some horse owners find that treating loading as an opportunity for easy rewards speeds their loads along.  Start by feeding your horse from a bucket placed at the back of the trailer, so he can eat without stepping inside.  Slowly move the bucket further forward until he’s all the way in and munching happily in his stall.

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Thoroughbred Makeover Increases Demand for Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Phillip Dutton and Icabad Crane. Photo by Megan Stapley Photography
Phillip Dutton and Icabad Crane. Photo by Megan Stapley Photography

Icabad Crane, a nine-year-old gelding who ran third in the 2008 Preakness Stakes, returned to Pimlico Race Course on Sunday, October 5 to win the America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred contest sponsored by EQUUS Foundation, taking home the winner’s share of the $10,000 purse.

The contest, organized as part of the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover, paired ten top trainers with ten Thoroughbred ex-racehorses and showed their progress throughout the summer on the RRP’s website. Each team represented an equestrian discipline: Polo, Show Hunter, Eventing, Ranch Work, Steeplechase, Fox Hunter, Show Jumper, Barrel Racing, Dressage and Pony Club.

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Managing Veterinary Costs to Avoid Economic Euthanasia

Managing Veterinary Costs:  Avoiding Economic Euthanasia
Guest post by Suzanne Cannon 8/1/2014

According to a recent article published by USA Today (June 2014), the number of pets euthanized for economic reasons is on the rise.  As the cost of veterinary treatment has increased — in great part due to significant advances in veterinary medicine — the ability of pet owners to pay for veterinary care has declined.

English: A veterinary student learns to perfor...
English: A veterinary student learns to perform and interpret ultrasound on horse at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida in the United States in September 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Round Hay Bale Feeders the Advantages and Disadvantages

round bale hay feeders

Round bale hay feeders are a popular choice for many horse owners looking to improve ways of feeding their horses. Many farmers and horse owners have to deal with the rising costs of hay, which isn’t helped by the fact that a lot of it is wasted as a result of damage, moisture absorption, and spoilage caused by animals, soil, and other factors. Round bale feeders have the advantage of combating many of these issues, however there are also some disadvantages to using round bale feeders. Let’s look at both sides to help you work out whether or not a round hay bale feeder is the best choice for you.

round bale hay feeders
round hay feeders
round bale hay feeders
round bale hay feeders

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My free horse cookies arrived and they are good

Carolyn Kooken, founder of Winnie’s Cookies mailed me some of her healthy horse cookies to try out. They are cute — looking like little short cupcakes covered with seeds and cracked grains — they look healthy and high in fiber. They have the sweet smell of molasses and they are firm, dry, and rough in texture. I took one cookie and broke it into three pieces. I put one piece in my month (don’t worry they are all organic and made with human grade ingredients) and give one to little dog, BooBoo, and then the other piece to my other dog, Gigit. Both dogs quickly finish theirs and were looking at me for more. I was still chewing the hearty texture and enjoying the lightly sweet flavor.

Winnie's Cookies
Winnie’s Cookies
Winnie's Cookies with Brochure
Winnie’s Cookies with Brochure

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