December 2005 Issue #3 Horse Business eZine – Joni Solis, Editor

“The finest champion sill produces manure to haul!” –Joni Solis

MEANING: No Matter how impassioned you are about your equine business don’t think that you will not have any pain to endure.

If building a successful company were easy everyone one would have one. BUT it is not going to be easy or always fun. It takes hard work to make a company successful and some of that work will take real guts and be as enjoyable as transporting fresh manure with your bare hands.

You may have heard the saying< --more-->, “No Pain, No Gain” that is popular with bodybuilders; well it is just as true for business builders. You have to be willing to do more than your competition is willing to do and do it better, faster, and with more creativity. You have to be willing to feel pain-the pain of psychical and metal work beyond what you normally consider your limits.

Pain like waking up extra early after pulling a late night work shift to finish a job on the promised deadline. Pain like a week of sore leg muscles from canvassing your area hand delivering flyers for eight hours on a Saturday. Or the pain of stiff fingers from hand addressing sales letter envelopes until you couldn’t release the pen from your hand–not fun 🙁

If you don’t have the money to hire someone to do the jobs you despise then you had better put your mind and back into doing them yourself.


“The racehorse that gets the roses had to do a lot of hard running day after day in training in order to be fit enough to go all out on race day. He wasn’t spending his time trotting around a pasture playing with butterflies!” -Joni Solis

Too many people don’t want to endure the pain of doing what needs to be done. They keep putting off the unpleasant chores hoping they that they can get by without doing them or that these chores will just disappear. Well they don’t and as you piddle paddle around–the competition will run you over and buried you in the dirt.


DID YOU KNOW: In order to keep and grow more muscles that you have to stress and damage the ones you have now? This damage is what triggers your body to grow new and stronger muscles.

It is the same with you and your beliefs on what you can do. Once you push yourself to do what scares or brings you some pain you grow in knowledge that you can handle more than you thought possible and this gives you confidence to tackle more the next time out.

So be willing to carry that load of manure knowing that the pain of it is building your company to be stronger and maybe you will have those roses!

**** Today’s Lesson ****

Race into a better tomorrow by practicing the following…

  1. You do have the ability to handle the hard, unpleasant jobs so starting today plan out your days to handle these jobs first thing in the morning if possible.Get them done and out of the way before you have time to put them off and lose the race.
  2. Don’t plan on doing as little as possible of the unpleasant chores, put your back into them and do them with all your muscle! Be willing to feel pain!Pain equals gain. Don’t plan on doing the despised jobs just once, do them again and again–remember the training gallops the racehorse does over and over.
  3. Needed chores to put on your to-do-list:
  • Plan, and then plan some more without leaving out the manure jobs. Then work your plan. Work it hard–feel the pain.
  • Have an open mind to better ways of gaining your goals–get creative, your competition is.
  • When designing your mission plans draw up backup plans. Always have a plan ‘B’ for when plan ‘A’ just doesn’t work out in real life the way you planned it out on paper.

Today’s recommend book is:

“Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior” A Commando’s Guide to Success by Richard Marcinko

“Bracing, Gutsy, Touch-Talkin, Empowering; should be required reading” -Publishers Weekly

“This man will show you what it takes to lead yourself and others into a successful company” -Joni Solis

Now blasting other business guides out of the water, Marcinko draws on his remarkable experience as a Navy commando and creator of the legendary SEAL TEAM SIZ to apple his Ten Commandments of Special Warfare to the challenges of business and everyday life.

A sampling:

  • I will always lead you from the front, not the rear.
  • I shall punish thy bodies because the more thou sweatest in training, the less thou bleedest in combat.
  • Verily, thou art not paid fro thy methods, but for thy results, by which meaneth thou shalt kill thine emeny by any means available before he killeth you.

Using his own war stories, plus case studies of Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses, Marcinko now clarifies the simple-but-profound-leadership principles that have made him an extraordinary success, both in and out of the military.

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