January 2006 Issue #4 Horse Business eZine – Joni Solis, Editor

Happy New Year Ecard

Happy New Year!

2006 is galloping in with our prancing desires for the New Year, but before focusing on the new, let’s show our appreciation of last year’s gifts‚Ķ

I give heartfelt thanks…

“For the complaining customers, for they give me the gift of info on how I can make my business better and so few people take the time to give me this gift.”

“For the horse that wants to turn for home a little too fast, because he is telling me I have to work harder at making our outings more pleasurable for him.”

“For my wife, husband, or children who grumble about < --more-->my spending too much time with the horses, because they are telling me they desire and enjoy my company.”

“For the straws of hay that work their way into my entire wardrobe, because it reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to enjoy the company of horses.”

“For the sweat that forms while doing my barn chores, for it is telling me how fortunate I am to be able to work hard!”

“For the wind chapped, sun burned face, and aching butt after a long trail ride, for too few people have the opportunity to trail ride at all!”

“For the huge piles of horse manure, for it is Black Gold that the earth’s soil requires for giving life.”

And finally…

“For the horse who’s coat shines with health, munching hay in his stall, because it means I have enough money to care for him well.”

“I am truly thankful for all these gifts, and I know that my heart of gratitude is attracting more blessing for me to treasure in this coming year.”

I am thankful for you, and I would like to show my appreciation by creating more Happy New Year Horse Art eCards.

I hope you enjoy sending my Horse eCards to your special people…




New Year’s Resolutions Tips

I want you to achieve more of your desires in the coming year so here are a few tips…

  1. Create a Plan (yes, planning really helps)
    Step by step plans help you walk your goals up the ramp and into the trailer and on your way. Break the steps down into small doable actions.
  2. Create your plan immediately
    Take action now and create your plan before your motivation to change gets caught in the carriage wheel spokes of life. Most people forget their New Year resolutions completely after only a few days, don’t join this crowd. Create your action plan now!
  3. Write Your Plan of Action
    Commit your plan in writing someplace where you will be sure to notice it often, such as a notebook, journal, and/or computer date planner program.I love the following program for helping me keep track of my goals…
    “Chaos’ !intellect”, a great planner/calendar/date/time program
    (No, I don’t make any money if you buy it, but it helps you run your life and business better, so I recommend it. I use it daily.)
  4. Consider the whole year
    Just as you cannot condition a horse in one day you cannot accomplish your goals in a day either. New Year’s resolutions are just your starting point. It is essential that you develop a habit of checking your plan on a daily basis.And finally…
  5. Keep your plan supple
    Life is CHANGE, so you have to stay flexible with your business planning and give yourself backup plans because not everything is going to go your way on the first try. Learn to recognize and appreciate little successes for these build to larger goal accomplishments.

GOOD LUCK starts with planning a better future and working your plan!

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