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They are developing the show’s first season;  here ‘s a preview the trailer…

“Not So Stable” is a Reality TV show blended with a Soap Opera theme.  It has a cast of about 10 to 15 characters, where each episode highlights interaction and their personal issues – some funny, some dramatic, some intrigue and suspense. The show balances the problems of a struggling horse farm with the joy, educational value, love, care and medical treatment of horses, as well as the difficulties the family encounters trying to keep their boarders happy. Horse shows are huge affairs; tempers flare and issues arise when parents become servants and coaches as their young competitors become Divas.

The primary story is that Jim and Vicky while raising a family lived a good life as successful homebuilders.  Jim’s love for horses led them to invest into a horse-boarding stable business.  Since the economic meltdown and the collapse of the building industry they have been forced to live and work on the farm with their two daughters, Amanda and Rebecca. Jim and Vicky are now broke and working harder than they have in their entire lives and are struggling to keep their home.  Some boarders are trying to help, but others only care about themselves. Some boarders are prima donnas, gossipers, snobs and back stabbers that ad tension to the daily struggles.

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  1. I’m one of the the prima donna, gossipper, snobby, back stabbing boarders at Jim and Vicky’s barn in Casco, Michigan. (LOL) And, I LOVE it! I wouldn’t board my horse anywhere else in the country, although I could afford to do so. My horse and I are there by choice, and will never leave our barn as long as the Ferquerons are running it. If it doesn’t bother me to be called a prima donna, gossiper, snob, and back-stabber, then why on earth does anybody, (who isn’t involved), get their panties in a bunch over it. Get a life.

  2. This is in response to “Wouldn’t you like to Know”:
    Karen, the fact is, I DO know. I know because I’ve been a full service boarder at Jim & Vicky’s barn for years. You are not a part of our barn, and, you are not wanted at our barn. Those of us who board our horses at Jim and Vicky’s barn are extremely happy with the way they run it, so why should anyone care about the opinion of an outsider. Its obvious that you have your nose out of joint, and are jealous of Vicky, but, really, it is YOU who is clueless. Our positive popularity is now “off the charts”. Its quite apparent that you have serious mental issues, and you simply can’t accept the fact that good things are happening to, and, for the Ferquerons. So, try to relax; take a deep breath; and count to 10 before you read this next sentence. “Our barn in NOT losing business, (as you predicted), as a result of the trailer for the reality show. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Now, I know this news must throw you into a psycho tizzy, but, I’m sure if you look hard enough, you will be able to find yourself a good yoga instructor to help you calm your nervous, negative energy in a more relaxing manner. And, although we don’t want you anywhere near us, we all wish you the best of luck in getting the mental professional help you so desperately need. This will be especially important when the reality show takes off, and, there is no way for you to escape the fact that Vicky and “her brood” are television stars.

  3. Well I would watch this show for sure, looks very entertaining. This show will appeal to a wide range of viewers. Kids will enjoy seeing girls with their horses and adults will enjoy the drama between the owners, kids and trainer. I look forward to finding the show on TV.

  4. Some boarders are prima donnas, gossipers, snobs and back stabbers that ad tension to the daily struggles.

    very nice way to describe the boarders that pay your bills..

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Too much judgment going on and then to post that to the world. Not a good business move. But then I am really not a fan of reality TV or even TV for that matter.

  5. totally a joke.. vickie an her brood over there… seriously are you hurting that bad? fake fake fake.. why in the world would anyone want their buisness to look that bad on tv? no one fired your good help vickie you ran them off with your up down crazy manic attitude. You came into this clueless and you are going to leave it clueless what your good at is shoveling shit.. but you make that more into a job then it really has to be.. I can tell you one thing just this trailers gonna do… it will make it so everyone in the surrounding horse community wont board at your place.. sure I will cross post it.. unbelieveable really unbelieveable what people will do to try and make a buck.. your no jersey shore or days of our lives.. atleast you got the unstable part right..

    1. Well maybe this show would be helpful to some people — they could learn how not to run a horse business?

      Finding and keeping good help is very important to all businesses. They should be treated kindly and fairly.

    2. Actualy,her best help DID get fired,that was me.I am thankfully back to the barn 5 days a week,alongside this women you claim to be unstable.After years of working with the “up down manic” I myself have become “manic”.Yes,I DO care if a horse is standing in a wet stall,I DO make sure horses pick their feet up when walking over a board so they dont clip their feet and bruise,I DO have a fit when ppl leave twine in the hay and I deffinatly care if a horse who is prone to colic is overfed on days when they stay in and dont get to move around.You can call that manic-I call it comitted.On top of being concerned about the horses being cared for as well as possible,that “unstable” women is someone who is always and has always been there for everyone and would do anything to help her workers out,is always sure to thank us and show appreciation and taught me true work ethic as I watched her out with us every day busten her butt.As for the description of the boarders…well,this is a REALITY show and the reality is that some ppl think that because they pay your bills they own your soul!They are rude,demanding,irrational-its not all puppies and rainbows kids,as you will all see,as it is with anytime you get a large group of ppl together.If someone doesnt like being called a bonehead, then they shouldnt act like one(pay attention,that pertains to you).A bad business move?Oh yes,no one wants to make a ton of money by having their own TV show,I totaly agree.Apparently you dont realize that boarding stables are not always terribly lucrative,you just gotta love what you do (we cant all be 4-H mommies with rich husbands to foot the bill).So before you go blowen off at the gums again, get the story straight-we may be unstable but you are justt plain old-fashioned RETARDED (sorry,it really shows in your poor grammer and sentence structure.)

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