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Book cover of Meeting of the Mustangs
Book cover of Meeting of the Mustangs

Award-winning author, Cathy Kennedy, invites you to share the story of the wild mustangs and how one special horse stands out from the herd. Cathy’s story, Meeting of the Mustangs, is the result of years of careful thought and will inspire animal lovers of all ages. She actually began writing this tale when she was quite young and reworked and completed it decades later.

Readers will be taken from their everyday routines and propelled into the lives of these time-tested national treasures. Crossing the finish line at the perfect length for younger readers, this story will also capture the hearts and minds of their moms and dads. Some may be compelled to wonder whether karma really does exist.

Short Book Excerpt To Give Spur Your Interest…

That night, Snake became anxious and began to fuss in his stall. He was very uneasy and felt the need to get out immediately. Confused, he began to kick violently at the enclosure. The other animals in the barn reacted to the noise and there was a flurry of activity among them as well.

The walls of the stalls were solidly built and did not give in to the force of his thrusting legs. He didn’t know why, but he knew he had to get out. Stepping back for a moment, he eyed the door through which he had entered the stall. Somehow, he knew that it was his only chance of escape. Moving forward with great force, he slammed his broad chest into the door. The force of the hit stung and he heard a small snap! The door did not move. Backing up, he charged at the door again and hit it squarely with his chest, ignoring the pain. There was a sharp cracking sound from the sturdy wood and the other animals in the barn expressed their objections to the commotion, becoming increasingly upset. The chickens, which had been calmly dozing in the aisle, scurried outside to avoid the noise. Many of the other horses craned their necks over their own doors to try to determine exactly what was happening.

Snake again lunged at the door and made solid contact with his shoulder, producing more damage to the hardware holding it in place. Turning around quickly, he gave a mighty kick with his rear legs and one of the hinges actually popped off, flew across the aisle, and hit the stone wall on the other side with a shrill ping before falling to the earthen floor.

He stopped, breathing heavily. After a moment, he rammed the door again and there was an enormous crunch as the door broke away from its frame and landed with a thud on the floor. Still not even knowing why he felt the need to escape, he just stood there, looking at his handiwork. Once his breathing had returned to a normal rate, he quietly stepped past the battered door and into the aisle. Looking to his right, he saw the darkness outside and trotted to the main doorway. The rest of the horses watched in curious wonder as he exited the barn and disappeared into the night. Read more of the book here…

Excerpts of book’s reviews are as follows:

“…This is the kind of book that I would highly recommend be included as part of required reading – for both home-schooled and regular-schooled kids…” ~ Tristan, Amazon Reviewer

“…This story, a gentle narrative, is but one story to open readers’ eyes to the beauty and nobility of this marginalized breed of horse. Like Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty, Meeting of the Mustangs is a powerful statement of how we all need to be taught over and over again “to be good and kind to man and beast.” (from Black Beauty)…” ~ Readers’ Favorite

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Award-winning author, Cathy Kennedy
Award-winning author, Cathy Kennedy with a friend.

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