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Equestrian Creatives Working Together to Promote Each Other

It just makes sense that YOU would make more sales if you have 20 or more other people in your field promoting you at the same time. So that is why the Co-Op Sales Catalog for Equestrian Authors and Artist was created by Whitehall Publishing.

Other industries have been using a co-op marketing strategy for a long time and it is high time horse people consider this form of effective advertising as well. The beauty of a co-op project is that everyone shares the print cost equally and let Whitehall Publishing do the heavy lifting . This way, everyone saves a boatload of money, time, and aggravation and your results are better because you have all those other participants promoting you when they share the free catalog with their customers, family, and friends.

5000 full color sales catalogs will be printed to be distributed in the USA and Canada. As a bonus the entire catalog will also be posted online for a full year so that your tiny, one time investment will keep on making you money month after month for a full twelve months for one low price.

Currently there is no other advertising vehicle providing you with this level of professional exposure for less. Best of all, you keep all the profits from all your sales because you include your ordering information in your listing. Gallery catalogs include only the contact information for the gallery so they can charge a commission on your sales. Other publishing catalogs do the same thing. Whitehall Publishing does not. Their co-op catalog sends buyers directly to you and you keep all the profits.


$60.00 for a Full Color, Quarter Page listing
$100.00, Full Color, Half Page listing
$175.00, Full Color, Full Page listing
$400.00 Full Color Inside Front, Inside back or Back cover (these are the hottest and the largest spots in the entire catalog!)

A full page listing is recommend to start because the cost is so low. If you went it alone, and wanted to print your own catalog it would cost you approximately $1000.00 at Staples for 5000 colored pages and then it would be up to you to distribute them. In a co-op you have partners who are distributing catalogs for you while you are doing the same for them and everyone wins! Participation is easy. Visit for complete details and to see several online magazines that have already been produced. Check out the BONUS offer while you are there!

I had a few questions for Bonnie…

Question number one: Can you tell me more about how and where these catalogs will be distributed? Just equine related places are other places too?

Answer: We are distributing catalogs both in equine-related locations and those that are not equine-related because participants include artists (authors and artists) who work in genres outside of the equine world as well, which increases the exposure for horse-related artists and authors.
The 5000 catalogs will be equally distributed among the participants in the co-op. If there were 20 participants, each would receive 250 catalogs to share with their customers, at their events, etc.

Question number two: Is this the first year for this project are how long have your been doing it?

Answer: We have done dozens of co-op projects with fellow book publishers in the past but this is the first time we have opened it up to individual artists and authors. We have done compilation books with hundreds of artists and authors in “book” form, but this is our first time in catalog form that we are showcasing individual artists and authors. I’m looking forward to doing these regularly as it is a great way to expand your outreach at a fraction of what it would normally cost for an individual to do it.

Question number two: What is the URL to last years catalog online for people to check out?

Answer: Here are some website addresses to similar projects we have done with mainstream business owners. The three links are for two we have done in the past six months and one we did last year. These books were designed to showcase an area of the country and they carry traditionally created “ads”, most of which were done by our staff for the business owners.

Discover the Twin Lakes Region

A History of Baxter County, Arkansas, Then and Now

A History of Boone County, Then and Now

Question number three: Who designs the ads for the catalogs?

Answer: We are not doing “ads” in the traditional sense of the word with the co-op sales catalog, we are following the layout we used in our high end art books, with a standardized page layout so there is continuity throughout. Standardizing the page background and layout follows the lead of Art galleries and other catalogs. It is a great way to provide continuity throughout the catalog and it allows readers to focus on the image files provided by the individuals, rather than be distracted by unmatched ads. Our staff designers build the pages when we receive the image files and content from our participants.

Guess post by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert of Whitehall Publishing. Whitehall Publishing is owned by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, the creator of the Horse Tales for the Soul series of seven books and audio books at If you have any questions, send a note to Bonnie at

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Great Horse Breeds Book
Horse Tales for the Soul
Horse Tales for the Soul


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