My full color printed business cards are gorgeous!

I ordered them through Printing For Less at and I went for the extra coating to make them glossy so the colors pop! I am happy with how they look – the text printed clean and sharp (sharper than what you can see on your computer screen) and the colors are bold and vivid. I was able to place my order online right from my computer desk and they arrived at my door in about a week.

My new business card design
A Love for Horses Business Card

Business card tips…

Put on your thinking cap: Spend some time considering your business and who you want to market to. What top benefits can your business offer them?

Consider ways to make your business card work double duty; like print your show/events calender on the back side or dollars off coupon on their first order.

Business Card Design Tips

Coordinate: Your business cards should coordinate with your other business marketing items like your brochure, letterhead, company envelope, flyer, and postcard designs. Is should also go without saying that they should be professional looking and fit in with your company image. By the way, do you have a nice looking logo? Company colors? Company tag line (your unique selling proposition)?

Web Site: Do you have a website or plan on having one? Nowadays a website is a necessity for most businesses in order to have credibility. Don’t forget that you can also start a blog for free.

Ponder the Info: Consider what information you want to put on your business cards. A good starting place is your company name and tagline, your name and title, address, phone, fax, email, and website address. But consider printing more info on the backs of your card, like a map / directions, sales copy, price list, short list of tips, event schedule etc…

Important note: if you do have any informational changes please order new cards. Nothing looks worst than to have scratched out and scribbled in info or an address sticker across them! Keep your businesses card information current. Consider self printing some temporary business cards with the new info while you are waiting for the commercially printed cards to be made and mailed to you.

Standardize: Stick to business cards of the standard size or you will cause many people to toss them if they don’t fit in their wallets or business card holders. In the USA that is 3.5 x 2 inches.

Have some control: Don’t go wild with your text fonts. Two type faces are plenty (three at the very most) and make sure they are readable. People do need to be able to understand the information on your business cards! Have high contrast between the background and the type but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to black and white cards! Full color cards draw more attention specially if they are surrounded by black and white cards on a bulletin board.

Give space: Don’t use text fonts that are too small for many people to read without a magnifying glass or overcrowd your design. Consider printing extra information on the back side.

Don’t look cheap: Don’t have your cards printed on the cheapest and thinnest paper stock around. What do you think that is telling people about your company?

Double check all information on your card design before printing out 5000 cards! Check all spelling, names, numbers, addresses, etc… Now check them again. You don’t want to end up with expensive confetti! Been there, done that — no fun!

Photo: You may want to include your photo on your business card like many real estate brokers do or your top stallion’s photo.

Belong? Let people know what related organizations you or your business belongs to by posting logos of the organizations on your business cards. For example, you can display the logo of the American quarter horse association, the American miniature horse association or whatever one you belong to. (Check with the organization about the terms of use). This is an easy way to add credibility to your business.

Connected? If you were trained by a famous person (Like Pat Parelli or Clinton Andewson) or graduated from a special school (Farrier or veterinarian school) you may want to add that info to your business cards as well.

Card Ad: Did you know that many publications offer “business card size” classified ads? You may want to plan your design so it can double up as an ad in those publications.

Phone or email? If you prefer to be contacted by phone then put your phone number larger than your other contact info. If you prefer email or website make that larger; if the business card design font allows it.

Business Card Use Tips

  1. Always, always carry a good supply of your business cards with you. Keep some in your car, horse trailer, home, business, wallet, briefcase, etc…
  2. Leave them wherever you doctors office, dentist, supermarket, libraries, stores, restaurants, schools, horse shows, training clinics, etc…
  3. Don’t be stingy with them – Hand them out in groups of two or more so people can have one or more to give out to others. This not only helps you distribute them faster but it could result in the wonderful stamp of approval effect.

Hey, now let me know what you think about my new business card and this article. Have any other tips to share? Please give us your comments. Thanks!

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One of the things I really like about Printing For Less at is the fact that they have a FREE File Review so that you can make sure that your printing files are OK before you place your order. You just upload the design file and wait for them to email or call you with the report. So cool!

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Best regards,

Joni Solis

P.S. Here is a short (3:06 minute) video about the importance of having nice looking and well designed promotional materials and what your brand really is. And why having your marketing items printed by Printing For Less is a great idea.

Video: Green Ideals/PFL Partnership

My comment on the video:

Nice! I like Printing For Less too! And now I feel more of a fan for them after watching this short video. I like the fact that they care about people and the planet too. It doesn’t have to been only about the money. Doing the right thing for people and the planet will help you get the money and people’s hearts.

I also enjoyed the message about the value of having a good brand and marketing items and what a brand really means — it is more than your logo design. Wishing your company the best!


  1. Have you ever used vistaprint? I’ve been using them for a while, but am looking for something a bit better.

  2. Hi Joni,

    You have provides some good, practiacl information about designing & printing business cards.

    Many people would never consider many of your points.

    Hers’s another trick that I think is worth mentioning.

    The back of any business card is valuable real estate & rarely used.

    Why not have your companies points of difference presented as the prime reasons to do business with you.

    For examples, Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Printing for Less for All Your Printing Needs.

    Then have 5 bullet points with the reasons.

    This also works well in reminding the person handing out the cards, of their company benefits.

    I hope you found my suggestion interesting.


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