Riding Horseback in Purple Book
Riding Horseback in Purple Book
Riding Horseback in Purple Book

Riding Horseback in Purple: Re-Awakening the Dream of Owning a Horse

Are you thinking of getting your first horse, or your first horse in many years? Or are you a coach, trainer, breeder or rescue center manager who wants to support your clients as they become more knowledgeable about horse ownership?  If so, this newly published book may be helpful.

Riding Horseback in Purple by Alice MacGillivray

The book is written by Alice MacGillivray, who bought her first horse a few years ago in her 50s. She spent a long time preparing and immersed herself in learning through self-board arrangements, reading, talking with other owners and taking lessons.  That preparation and learning have paid off and she is gradually building a strong and evolving relationship with her mare, pictured on the book’s cover.

“Several people were suggesting a write a book,” Alice explains. “At first I wondered what I could add to the wonderful resources already out there for horsemen and women.  I gradually realized I was in unusual and perhaps valuable position. I know a lot about adult learning and about leadership and about communication.  And I was living the life of the beginner with my horse. There is so much that experienced horsewomen take for granted; I was learning it all from scratch.  The book is about that process of learning about yourself, about finding and owning a horse, and about building a relationship with your horse.”

The book design–even in the e-book format–is quite beautiful thanks to award-winning designer Jessica Sullivan. The cover photo was taken by Bob Langrish on one of his trips to North America from his home in the UK.  Editing and index creation were both done by professionals.  And the wonderful stories in the book came from women and men around the world, making lessons in the book all the more memorable.

As of February 2014, the book information and cover image are starting to appear in paperback and e-book form on sites such as Amazon.com and the book should be available through thousands of outlets in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia, N.Z. and a few other locations.  For more information, see http://4km.net/riding-horseback-in-purple/

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