State of California claiming herbal blends for horses are categorized as – remedies – and therefore have to be registered as – veterinary drugs – !

by Jessica of Earth Song Ranch November 2008.

I am not sure what the State Department of Ag is up to, although it is apparent the new director wants to make a name for herself! I am sure it is in conjunction with the FDA and trying to stop us being able to use as well as manufacturer products that treat – disorders – in a natural and cost effective manner.

They, the State of California Department of Ag, are now targeting any and all companies doing business in the state using any kind of herbal blend for animal use to register that blend as a – veterinary drug – at the cost of $180 per product including Earth Song Ranch products yet that is not a guarantee of being able to sell that product, they have decided to interpret their regulations in a new manner and more broadly then they ever have and have decided that herbs are – remedies – and therefore come under the class of – drug -.

So unfortunately I am in the process of registering The Herbal Wormer, and possibly a couple other products as such, as I cannot afford to register them all at this time, I am not a Uckele or an Alltech, Silver Lining Herbs, Wendell or Hilton Herbs and feel that this is one step closer to the government taking away our rights to treat ourselves and our animals with alternatives including herbs, supplements, etc. They have targeted Wendell Herbs, Hilton Herbs, Silver Lining Herbs, and many more. There are only two categories in the state – feed additive – and – remedy – to sell livestock products there is no such category as supplement, so many companies are being hit with this new TAX if you will to do business in the state including companies like Hilton Herbs who are international!

If you need anything specific for your horses, please phone me, as I do have some of the blends still, and can help you with Cushing, EPM, Joint (yes any joint product is also considered a drug! Because there is no category for supplement!), Mare-Zyme etc. The Pro-Zyme, Pro-Zyme +, Colostrum, Beta Glucan, Kelp, and all other products

The above news report was posted in Earth Song Ranch November’s Newsletter and Jessica give me permission to repost it here for you. Please visit her Earth Song Ranch website or you can contact Jessica by email at: Jessica [at] earthsongranch . com (remove spaces and replace [at] with @).

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NOTE from Joni: Personally I have been reading and learning about natural health since I was about twelve years old and over and over again since then I have heard about the FDA and the large drug companies trying to restrict and regulate the our use of natural herbs, supplements, and vitamins.

Is the FDA totally corrupt like so much of our government? Keep your mind open and learn, but also be aware of who you learn from. Mainstream media is owned by the largest companies. Watch who is padding who’s wallets – who will the they want to protect?

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  1. The FDA says a cherry is a drug

    Now, any normal, sane person would look at a cherry and say, “It’s just a cherry.” It’s a natural fruit that people have been eating for as long as anyone can remember. But the FDA, in light of the fact that people are now discovering that cherries are actually good medicine, looks at a cherry and says (paraphrasing), “No, it’s a drug, and you have to have our permission to market it, and if you continue to talk about the health benefits of cherries, we will use our power to put you out of business.”

  2. With the state of California claiming herbal blends for horses are categorized as “remedies” and should be registered as “veterinary drugs”. The FDA certainly is not putting herbal blends in the foods humans eat; they take the good out of food and put a tiny bit of the good back into the food. Then sell it as enriched, and it’s supposed to be good for us. Yeah right. Finally people are trying to find alternatives to all of the unhealthy artificial things and preservatives that are put into what consumers eat and drink. This is the case for animals as well. With increasing ways to eat all natural and now treat disease and medical problems naturally it is taking away from the money pharmaceutical companies make. It’s not as if the pharmaceutical companies don’t stay plenty rich off of humans use of prescription drugs now they want horse owners to have the burden of high cost of “prescription” drugs that are really herbal and all natural. What next, if religion and prayers are studies and show that they treat or “remedy” disorders will the government find a way to tax belief in a higher powers healing?

  3. Pharmaceutical Law Revised to End Corruption
    By Jason Bremarsa
    Published: July 4th, 2009

    Revisions in the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (S.2029)
    will now make it a Class D federal felony for physicians to
    accept more than $25 annually in gifts or other rewards from
    pharmaceutical companies or biological product and
    medical device manufacturers.

    (by the way, it is not a real news report, but read the comments)

  4. …Some 1,500 dogs that were bred for their fur have died after eating feed tainted with melamine, the same chemical that contaminated dairy products and sickened tens of thousands of babies in China…(the same milk products that may be in US food products right now – view the video on page above)

    Tainted Chinese Milk Chemical Kills 1,500 Dogs –

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