Six New Mother’s Day Greeting Cards with Horse Photos!

Mother's Day Ecard; free to send Mother's Day Greeting Card; free to send Mother's Day Greeting Card; free to send

Here are three of the new Mother’s Day Holiday ecards show as tiny thumbnail images to give you a quick peek, but to see them full size, sharp,and beautiful visit my Horse Art eCard site.

If you are planning a party, dinner, or some other Mother’s Day holiday event these ecards are a great way to invite your guests. These free Ecards are great to send to your family, friends, clients, and hopeful clients. Everyone loves receiving a pretty greeting card!

By the way, the stars of these new horse photo ecards are rescued mares and foals that Marian Mastin of Adopt A Foal has up for adoption! Hard to believe that such beauties end up needing to be rescued and placed up for adoption, but it happens all the time. So please reconsider breeding your horses unless they are the best and you know that you can find great home for them. Please check out all the horses and foals up for adoption at Adopt A Foal Right now she has three sweet as candy foals and three mares that need loving homes.

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  1. Joni,
    Thank you for these beautiful Mother’s Day cards with our PMU rescues on them! Anyone interested in seeing them live and “in person” can tune into our webcam over their stalls in the evening and morning hours by pulling up our website and clicking on the “Available Horses” page or use the following IP address .
    Warmest regards,

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