BLM has rounded up Cloud and his mustang herd

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I received the following email message…

On Friday the BLM – Bureau of Land Management started rounding up all mustangs on the Pryor range – and on Sunday they captured cloud and his band – the BLM is promising horses will be put up for adoption – but most horses over 10 are sent for slaughter – this would include cloud, his mom and Consiqutor another stallion that ginger filmed in the cloud series on PBS for more info go to to read about the latest – we need horse people to get together to save the horses.

Please visit the The Cloud Foundation Blog and their Photo Gallery for the latest news and photos on Cloud and the other wild horses. Follow @TheCloudFound on twitter too.

YouTube horse video – The Capture of Cloud’s Herd On September 3rd, 2009 the BLM began it’s attack on the world famous wild horse herd of the Pryor Mountains, Cloud’s Herd…

Youtube horse video: Pryor Mountain Horses Losing Their Freedom
Walker, author of Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses, and music is “along the Coyote Highway” by Cordillera. … 3 days ago 1,112 views CarolJWalker

The Madness of the Pryors Roundup Continues The BLM is removing whole bands of horses, destroying historic bloodlines and the future of this unique little herd and 70+ horses are losing their freedom. Genetics and science have gone out the window along with ethics and consideration of the public’s wishes.

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Image by galdo trouchky via Flickr

Here are a couple of snips from the comments from the news article: Inmates Tame Wild Mustangs for Kids’ Therapy – ABC News ….the horrible things posted here about the roundups are true. And yes, I live in the West. Foals are injured and even left behind. They are found later dead. The public is not allowed within 2 miles of some of the roundups. The areas are closed. So they can hide what goes on. That alone shold tell you something. People who live in the areas witness the helicopters as “being brutal” and running them down. They are driven up to 10 miles out from the catch pens and in heat. And even 80 degrees is too hot to be ran for 10 miles. The BLM lies…

…The mid Bush era Burns Act allows sale of Wild Horses WITHOUT LIMITATION = SLAUGHTER. It is already occurring.This Mid July 2009 BLM began massive “gathers” – WHY, when they already have a budget crises to care for the over 30,000 already in captivity? To beat congress from passing the ROAM ACT to reinstate reasonable management and protection of the wild horses?The 2008 BLM secret minutes of “how to kill the horses” is on the internet, obtained by lawsuit of the Freedom of Information Act.Shame on ABC and Primetime if you do not tell the whole REAL story. By the time you do it may be too late – the horses may already either be gone by direct removal or reduced to genetically unviable numbers…


  1. This is so absolutely awful!!!!
    Why can’t we, humans, stop interfering with and destroying our earth and all that belongs to it,the air we breath, the water we drink, the oceans, the nature, the wild life, the native populations, our fellowmen.
    Often, well most of the times, out of pure greed and believe. The history is there to tell the truth. We believe we have the right to do so.
    Believing in, is religion. Read the ten commandment – Judaism – Exodus 20:14, what we are not supposed to be doing and what we actually are doing. Take a deep breath and think how all this adds up!!!!
    Birgitta Kleveby

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