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Postcards are great for marketing your horse business.

In my article¬† “Focusing your words to sell” I mentioned that postage rates will rise. A sharp business person will want to do a little marketing before the postage increase and Postcards are cheaper than letters to send out and the image on the front does draw attention — specially if it is a great looking horse image.

If you have a large list then you will want to have your marketing postcards commercially printed. But if you are just starting out and your list is small you could design and print your own postcards right from your computer and printer.

Here are a few helpful tips to get your started on designing and self printing your own postcards:

  • You can design and print your postcards from your Microsoft Word program.
    This will allow you to customize each one if you like and merge your mailing list to them too.
  • You can save on ink costs considerably if you keep your design background white and ink coverage low. Light pastel colors also use up less ink than bright dark colors.
  • Save time by taking the time to learn how to do it right. Read this helpful article: “Stamp Out the 10 Most Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes” by Patricia Schaefer
  • Avery (free) Templates & Software and the Avery Wizard for Microsoft Word
  • Many printing inks are NOT water proof and will smear if they get damp or wet! You don’t want your postcard receivers to end up with a smeared abstract. You can print with Epson printers and their special DURABrite Ink that is water, smudge, and light resistance.

Example of a custom post card design
Here is an example of a custom logo and postcard design I made for a client. I can do the same for you.

Here are a few more articles I found on marketing with postcards

Did I miss any info on marketing postcards? Or do you have anything to add? Let me know; leave a comment.

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  1. Bill, you are right. Don’t know why I missed that. Newsletter postcards are wonderful – fast read for busy people and helps you keep in touch with your clients/customers often and at low cost.

    Would you happen to have a web page with some image samples of newsletter postcards?

  2. Another great idea for postcards is a newsletter postcard. I have designed and produced a number of newsletters on a postcard. Clients love them they are short and they get read. All of them have had positive feedback.

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