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Why a blog is good for your horse business

Blogging is good for your equine business, because it is an easy to use marketing tool to help you spread the news about what you do and why people should care. But you need to use this marketing tool correctly in order to received the most benefit from it.

I searched for a few videos for you to view on blogging for business…

Many horse people now seem to see the need to have their business on the web but are a bit slow on seeing the advantage of an interactive blog site over a static brochure style site. So here are a few videos on why blog for your business:

Why Blog; youtube Video: Blogs in Plain English

Business Blog vs. Normal Website

Everything You Need To Know About Blogging (in 4 Minutes or less)

A few videos on how to blog better:

Are You Still Blogging On Blogger? youtube Video

Blogging Blunders – #1: Not Having Your Own Domain Name; youtube Video

Blogging Blunders – #2: Not Having a Tightly Focused Niche; youtube Video

RSS Feeds; what’s that?

You should also learn about RSS feeds too!

Video: RSS in Plain English


  1. Outstanding article! Our business has just started an online presence and it is already paying off. Thank you for sharing another aspect I had not thought of.

  2. When you make blog entries, make sure to use something like to get the site pinged and listed as soon as possible.

  3. Hi Jonis,

    HI agree, you should have good writing skills when posting to your blogs as it makes your company appear more profession and if your posts are full of grammatical errors or hard to follow then it could actually hurt your business. A good way to combat this is to hire a proofreader/editor to look over content you’ve written to make sure it flows. There are proofreaders out there that charge $1 per page, while editors charge more because they don’t just check for punctuation and grammar issues, they also check for sentence structure and flow. In the case of the latter, it might be better to just hire an article writer because the cost will be about the same–give or take.

    But here’s the cool thing about blogs, little slip ups are to be expected. So if you write fairly well but find that you have a few typos in a few posts, that’s okay. Just correct them when you notice them.

  4. You have to write or pay someone to write for you if you want to have a website that people come to.

    I just discovered this very informational writing article on Squidoo that lays out how to go about creating valuable posts…

    Discover what it takes to write a winning article!

    To People Who Want To Write – But Can’t Get Started

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